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Master of Mystical Staves [1]

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Crafted with care and the utmost consideration for personalization, the Mystical Stave is one of the most unique items used for magical and combative purposes. A key element for rooting the enemy, enchantment, and conjuration, the stave can also be used similar to a polearm in close-quarters combat.


  • arrowup 6.25 Electricity Damage Bonus



Grasping Roots

Ground Aimed Debuff

Command nature to envelope enemies in the targeted area rooting them in place and inflicting 50 - 75 + 63% Nature Weapon Damage.

  • Range: 7
  • targeting: 5 target(s) in a area

Soothing Winds

Instant Buff

Heals a targeted ally instantly for 32 - 39 + 35% Weapon Damage, and then jumps to a nearby ally. Each player healed will heal every second for an additional 15 seconds. SOOTHING WINDS will jump to as many as 5 with healing reduced by 30% each jump.

  • Range: 35
  • Duration: 20
  • targeting: 5 target(s) in a ray

Stars Align

Instant Buff

Invoke forces of death increasing your Damage Bonus by 30% and reducing Weapon Resource Cost for 20 seconds.

  • Duration: 20
  • targeting: self

Quick Burn


Tip the scales towards Death increasing your Essence Gain by 50%.

  • targeting: self

Slow Growth


Favor the forces of Life reducing your Essence Gain by 50%.

  • targeting: self

Available Classes

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