There is a variety of character progression System in Crowfall, the most basic ones are:

Passive skill training (account wide): This is the most basic form of character advancement and allows to specialize an account in professions, races, classes. 

Tutorial: Skills

Active leveling:  killing mobs and sacrificing items generates XP. Each level the Vessel gains additional stat points to distribute. The benefits per level are pretty small and its intended to max a character out within a week.


Races, Classes, Advantages/Disadvantages, and Disciplines in Crowffal allow for extensive customization and millions of unique builds. 

Character Creation

Advantages/Disadvantages - When creating a vessel you'll be able to pick a set of advantages and disadvantages (to balance it out) to customize your character.

Races & Classes

Crowfall offers the ability for players to select one of 12 Races: Human, Half-Elf, Nethari, Fey, Wood-Elf, High-Elf, Stoneborn, Half-Giant, Elken, Minotaur, Centaur and Guinecean and 11 Classes: Knight, Confessor, Templar, Ranger, Assassin, Druid, Frostweaver, Champion, Myrmidon, Cleric and Duelist.

Here is a chart that shows the Race/Class combinations that will be available at launch

Class Race Relations

Racial and Class basics




Disciplines are Crowfall's “multi-classing” system. They allow you to customize/optimize/break your class in a number of amazing ways.

Disciplines are inventory objects that could be permanently equipped to your character, essentially granting the character a “subclass” with additional powers, skills, attributes, etc. In addition, these subclasses permit access to unique armor and weapons. 

Players can equip 2 Major Disciplines (either combat or harvesting), 3 Minor Disciplines, and 1 Weapon Discipline.

As of Pre-Alpha 5.4, there are 105 Disciplines divided in: