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Minotaur in Crowfall belong to the playable Races, which were introduced alongside with the newly added Classes in the massive reveal on May 18th, 2017.


By legend, the Minotaur was created by the Prince Malekai, Lord of Shadows, in defiance of Prince D'Orion the Sky Hunter. As with all great creation stories, however, this is unproven and highly debated. What is known about this race of bull-headed savages is that they first appeared in written history as slaves to noble Elven families in the ancient High-Elf city of Aelfmuir. Used as protectors, fighters and beasts of burden, the Minotaurs broke free of their masters in the Celestial War and have lived in and around the outer fringes of civilized society ever since.

While many believe that Minotaurs are incapable of sentient thought, this is not actually the case; however, they are unable to speak the Common tongue and speak in a guttural language that is understood only to others of their kind. In demeanor, Minotaurs are quick to anger, slow to forgive and seem incapable of showing subtle emotions like joy, mercy or remorse. Ferocious and bloodthirsty, they make up some of history’s most savage pitfighters and brutal warlords.



Minotaur Bloodline


Gain immunity to all Stun effects that hit you from the front.

  • targeting: self

Dodge (Minotaur)

Instant Dodge

Leap away from danger moving 12m in your WASD direction at the cost of one Dodge pip and causing 71-87 + 79% Weapon Damage to nearby enemies where you land. You recover one Dodge pip every 12 seconds.

  • Range: 12
  • targeting: self


Instant Buff

Overcome with bloodthirst you continually recover 50% of all lost Health for 8 seconds. When the effect ends you suffer Bloodthirst Crash and take 50% of the lost health over the next 8 seconds.

  • Duration: 8
  • targeting: self

Bull Rush

Hold Channeled Crowd Control

Charge forward dragging enemies along with you and causing 123 - 150 + 137% Weapon Damage. Enemies are flung into the air if the attack is over 65% charged.

  • Range: 7
  • targeting: 3 target(s) in a rectangle

Available Classes

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Minotaur concept by Dave Greco

Concept: Minotaur customization




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