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Master of Great Axes [1]

weapon Discipline

What defines a true combat champion isn't the quickest of victory, but the ability to outlast the opponent. True endurance and strength are definitive characteristics of a seasoned Master of a Two Handed Axe.


  • arrowup 6.25 Slashing Damage Bonus



Furious Slash

Instant Melee Attack

Hack at an enemy for 110-149 + 129% Weapon Damage.

  • Range: 5
  • targeting: 1 target(s) in a cone

Furious Slash 2

Instant Buff

Slash furiously at an enemy for 113-152 + 132% Weapon Damage while reducing your short and long cooldown times.

  • Range: 5
  • Duration: 15
  • targeting: 1 target(s) in a cone

Demolish Armor

Instant Debuff

Demolish an enemy's Physical armor causing 120 - 163 + 142% Weapon Damage.

  • Range: 5
  • targeting: 1 target(s) in a cone

Berserker Strength


Attacks have a chance to increase Attack Power by 150 and add a protective Barrier.

  • targeting: self

Available Classes

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