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Master of Bows [1]

weapon Discipline

A curious form of weaponry, the bow and arrow is one of the most ancient instruments of arms. Sleek and built with the utmost attention to detail, the bow is an extension of the archer's own being; paired with the arrow, which is crafted with speed and precision, is a quick and effective way to disable a target. Only the most patient and perceptive of combatants can proficiently wield such a unique instrument of death.


  • arrowup 5 Slashing Damage Bonus

  • arrowup 5 Crushing Damage Bonus

  • arrowup 5 Piercing Damage Bonus

  • arrowup 5 Ranged Distance Bonus

  • plus Equip: Basic Bows

  • plus Equip: Reflex Bows

  • plus Equip: Arrows

  • plus Equip: Exotic Arrows

  • plus Ranged

  • plus Ammo

  • plus Tray: Ranged



Hunker Down

Instant Buff

Deploy a small point-blank field increasing your Damage Bonus and All Armor.

  • Duration: 15
  • targeting: self


Instant Ranged Attack

Skillfully launch three arrows at once to strike as many enemies in a cone for 45-60 + 53% Weapon Damage. This Power's Maximum Range cannot be modified.

  • Range: 30
  • targeting: 3 target(s) in a cone

Available Classes

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