Crowfall offers an entirely optional VIP membership as monthly subscription that adds conveniences like

  • Being able to train two class skills, two race skills and two professions at any time (instead of just one each),
  • Priority access to all game servers,
  • VIP frame/badge on the forums,
  • Discounted prices on any EK purchases,
  • Additional character slots,
  • 30-day timebank instead of a 24h one,
  • Other, but not game balance-affecting benefits.

The VIP membership will cost around $15 per month.

Does VIP status give in-game advantages?

  • VIP accounts offer more variety by allowing one more class skill trees to be trained. This means that VIP members have the same power in that path as any non-VIP member because only one skill in a specific class skill tree can be trained at the same time (See Gallery). VIP members do not get a direct advantage, but they do have the benefits of having more variety in the classes they can play utilize.[1]
  • Vip doesn't give any benefits in training general skills.
  • Only EK related things (Player Housing) and Cosmetics can be bought the store that can also be built for free via in-game resources. Equipment and other gameplay related items won't be sold in the store.[2]

On the other hand, some people arguing that having more options is a direct advantage that makes Crowfall a Pay to Win (P2W) in a highly controversial debate[3] [4].


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