Please remember to use the LIVE patcher to participate in the latest 5.2.5 update!

Welcome to Crowfall Pre-Alpha Build 5.2.5
Welcome to Campaign World System Test

Campaigns and Siege:

  • Fixes for getting stuck in catapult hippo and banetree hippo.
  • Adding golden apple to treasure and loot tables. Golden apples are now required for Tree of Life and Banewood Tree hippos. These items can be found when harvesting any tree and in some reagent chests. 
  • Set Banewood Tree hippo to now use Hunger Shards as well as Golden Apple as a requirement. Hunger shards should be dropping from Mobs such as hellcats, boars, and can also be found in reagent resource chests speckled throughout the maps and at POI locations. 
  • Also setting hippos to require less materials as follows: Walls and annexes should only take one resource, gates and gatehouses require 3, and the towers should only require two resources.
  • More updates to hippo destruction states and vfx bugs. 

Known Issues:

  • Players have reported getting stuck and/ or lagging on various steps throughout some of the campaign zones.
  • Keeps have trees and rocks spawning in them.
  • Frame rate performance may be slightly lower in this version.
  • Videos have been removed until we can update them.
  • Floating temples have been reported. To fix this issue exit to lobby and return to the campaign.
  • Net and Chain Pull powers are buggy.
  • Divine Light may cause post processing visual issues.
  • Destruction of buildings may also cause post processing visual issues. 
  • Hellcats missing animation after running leap.
  • Bard Song of Speed cancels when entering combat.
  • Bard Song of Speed remains at combat buffa mounts if the buff was placed on you and you were in combat mode, then went into non combat movement speed (waiting on race/class split to fix this).
  • AI can track and attack stealthed players.
  • AI may be difficult to loot/skin due to a smaller loot radius.
  • Some players have reported issues with Druid Blink (teleport) not correctly moving the player in the desired position.
  • Templar LMB Attack without weapon is missing animation.
  • Non-Ranger classes lack bow animations. All bow related disciplines will remain inactive until they do.
  • Weapon disciplines that grant weapon equips will not be fully functional until  animations are added.
  • Power Cost Multiplier issues with dual wield weapons are present. These issues have been fixed in a future release (5.3) and will no longer be an issue.
  • Final Power Cost Multiplier is not properly calculating gains from skill trees.
  • Players can encounter jumping issues when spam-jumping from higher elevations to lower ones.
  • Ranger machine gun bug.


  • Some players have reported inventory items not updating their reduced amount. This appears to be happening most frequently with deeds and resource items.
  • Map : Zooming In With Mouse Wheel Does Not Change The Slider.
  • Blue crow effect persisting after reviving has been reported to occur at times. Logging out and back in will fix this issue.
  • Chat disconnects may occur. If this happens, just exit to the lobby and rejoin.
  • Test patch client doesn’t close itself after the game is exited.