Release date: 2017-06-09


  • Continued making adjustments to cooldowns on powers, including an interruption to root motion if the server rejects the power request. This fix should help with powers being cast instantly or having a really long cooldown.
  • Fixed temple statue movement issues by correcting the capsule collider size and placement.
  • Addressed the issue of altering settings in the Settings Menu not working or updating. This issue was most noticeable when the graphics settings were altered.


  • Added new components to the Great Hilt crafting recipe including two new components called Great Weapon Pommel and Great Weapon Crossguard. These new additions should help with some of the reported issues with Power Cost Multiplier with Two Hand Weapons. This is an initial change and more improvements are in the works, which will appear in a future build.


  • New beginner disciplines and their crafting recipes have been added: Footman, Laborer, and Apprentice which have the following functions:
    • Footman: Grants additional combat statistics and passive powers.
    • Laborer: Grants additional harvesting statistics and passive powers.
    • Apprentice: (Not yet functional but will grant crafting basics in the future)
  • Reduced damage bonus on Careless Whisper and Pound of Flesh to 15%.
  • Removed flytext for Resolve adjustments made when using Juggernaut Unstoppable. 
  • Molehunter Heads Up: Increased the Anti-stealth granted to 50, which increases the range of the stealth detection bubble.
  • The Master of Pistols Weapon discipline Range bonus modifier now modifies Duelist Go for Broke.
  • Fixed the issue with The resource multiplier for Blood Pact not working with Essence or Rage.


  • Updated Group Leader Passive Buff Icons to place the Footman icon on any group members benefiting from buff no matter which skill trees are trained (That way you can tell it works).
  • Reduced damage reduction on Sturdy to 15%.
  • Reduced Last Resort crit chance to 25%.



  • Spark has been replaced by Focused Spark in the Death Tray. This version of Spark hits a single target only and causes more damage than the original AOE version. The original version of Spark is still available and in your power loadout window.


  • Lowered Impale base damage.


  • Replaced some missing Ranger attack references in the basic combo. 

Known Issues

  • Durability in crafted items is not properly carrying up the crafting chain.
  • Non Ranger classes lack bow animations. All bow related disciplines will remain inactive until they do.
  • Bard Speed Song cancels when entering combat.
  • Bard Speed Song remains at combat buff amounts if the buff was placed on you and you were in combat mode then went into non combat movement speed (waiting on race/class split to fix this one).
  • Vessel inventory objects can not be used at a Temple.
  • Weapon disciplines that grant weapon equips will not be fully functional until animations are added. 
  • Power adjustments have been made but updates to tooltips are still in process. Text descriptions may not completely coincide with their current functionality.
  • Character Carousel has been disabled from the front end menu for now.
  • Sizing and rotation on harvesting tools during harvesting animations are incorrect. 
  • UI bug: Sometimes when a player logs in the Chicken Ticker (Hunger Meter) below the health bar appears incorrectly. 
  • Power Cost Multiplier issues with dual wield weapons may still be occurring. Currently investigating and working on improvements.