Release date: 2017-06-02


  • Powers can now add a multiplier on to the resource cost for specific power bars. This should fix the issue of Druids using Discipline powers to avoid essence gain (Still in progress, code changes were made but data changes are still in progress).


  • Punch Drunk: Rebuilt Punch Drunk so it uses a proc and we can apply a cooldown to prevent it from firing back to back to back to back. The cooldown is two minutes.
  • Field Surgeon: Fixed Rehabilitation ticks, which should have been two but were three. It also now ticks instantly.
  • Troubadour and Bard Songs:
    • Troubadour PBAoE attack radius is now 5m, like other AOE attacks.
    • Reduced Laments empowered debuffs to 200 from 250 to match the predominant 15/20 pattern in the rest of Troubadour and Bard.
    • Corrected Troubadour Dirge of Dissonance damage output to reflect that it ticks four times (was doing 4x damage).
    • The damage for Troubadour Consonant Chains now uses the AOE scalar like other AOE powers.
    • Added AttackActive flags to Bard and Troubadour abilities so they'll respond to mechanics looking for those.
    • Troubadour Chains and Dirge empowered versions balanced as if they were a combo with the previous 2 second cast ability (40% buff).
    • Bard Normal/Empowered Hymn of Restoration in combat regen amount is now 60/80 to match the predominant 15/20 pattern in the rest of Troubadour and Bard.
  • Field Surgeon:
    • Noble Purpose no longer restores resource for just equipping the passive. (zoink!)
    • Noble Purpose reduced the healing amount needed to trigger the effect from 10000 to 1000. This was missed in the divide by 10 pass.
  • Dryad: Blast of Leaves now uses the per tick channel cost, and costs resource beyond first tick.


  • Renamed "Enhanced Druid Orbs" to "Druid Orb Refund" to better explain how the stat functions.
  • Wording now states: “Causes druid orbs to refund their essence cost if used”.



  • Druid Basic Healing with LMB now uses the new inverse resource cost values.


  • Templar basic attacks now grant two pips when used against a target afflicted with Sin.
  • Fixed Templar Devotion group range allowing group members to also proc Sin against targets.