Release date: 2017-05-24


  • Fixed an issue with ATI cards experiencing crashes on load. 
  • Fixed the issue that was causing the Power Menu (k) to disappear if the player cancels out of the Character Creation Menu at the Temple. 
  • An Invulnerable pulse field has been added to Map Bloodbath. 
  • Renamed “Weapon Efficiency” to “Power Cost Multiplier” in order to help alleviate confusion on what this stat does. 
  • Fixed the issue with Druid Blink that was causing rubberbanding.


  • Runescarred Gladiator Discipline should no longer grant First Wind to Champions.
  • Field Surgeon Rehabilitation now properly heals your ally. 
  • Blademaster Blood Price no longer spawns health orbs from harvesting or siege damage.
  • Bard Songs
    • If the Twisting Passive is unequipped, the empowered version of the song will not play on the next toggle. The toggle does continue and when the empowered version wears off, the normal version of the song will autoplay.
    • Reduced distance on Bard Songs from 75m to 50m.
  • Corrected the issue of Numbness and Molon Labe making Block abilities super expensive.
  • Players can no longer equip the same discipline twice. 
  • Molehunter Get 'Em now applies a root instead of a slow.
  • Adjusted the stat on Pixie Dust. 
  • Slightly increased the amount of penetration on Shieldbreaker Reveal Weakness.
  • Master of Mystical Staves Soothing Winds: Fixed issue with the chain jumps on this power healing incorrect amounts (they were way too high).
  • Banshee Ghost Army now returns 12.5% of damage done as Healing.


  • Dazes should no longer cause permanent movement reductions
  • Adjustments have been made to the Stealth Tray in order to prevent using disciplines to buff or heal allies while in stealth. 
  • Renamed Weapon Finesse to Mental Fortitude and included a more elaborate power description.
  • Added the Knockdown Combo Trigger to a number of ala carte style knocked downs and stuns like Knight Pursuit and Confessor Flames of Truth. This is required to allow you to Retaliate out of them.

Known Issues

  • Durability in crafted items is not properly carrying up the crafting chain.
  • Non Ranger classes lack bow animations. All bow related disciplines will remain inactive until they do.
  • Bard Speed Song cancels when entering combat.
  • Bard Speed Song remains at combat buff amounts if the buff was placed on you and you were in combat mode then went into non combat movement speed. (waiting on race/class split to fix this one)
  • Vessel inventory objects can not be used at a Temple.
  • Myrmidon Berserk UI widget timer on the client can be incorrect by +/- a few seconds, however should the Berserker Crash will always happen at the 8.35 second mark on the server.
  • Ranger Arrows lose data after first arrow fired, this will cause 3rd basic shot to malfunction.
  • Settings Menu appearing outside of the window area. The window can be closed in game by pressing F12, no need to close the client and relaunch.
  • Weapon disciplines that grant weapon equips will not be fully functional until animations are added. 
  • Power adjustments have been made but updates to tooltips are still in process. Text descriptions may not completely coincide with their current functionality.