Release date: 2017-05-18

Items to Note

  • Some players have been experiencing issues with their settings window displaying outside of the screen area. You can close this window by pressing F12, no need to close and relaunch the client.
  • As a precaution it is highly recommended that players reset their input settings. This can be done in Settings > Input > Key Bindings > Edit
  • EKs will be wiped
  • Imported EK assets will be wiped
  • The spirit bank will not be wiped
  • Campaigns will be reset
  • A new client will be deployed
  • An EU server will be added later tonight
  • If something does not work on the first try, try it again....


  • Added lootable chests to Bloodbath map.
  • Added display names to placeable deeds. 
  • Shadows have been re-enabled. 
  • More crafting icons have been added.


  • Discplines are no longer removed on death. 
  • Fixed an issue causing discipline effects to persist on class change. 
  • Increased the internal cooldown on Terrifying Features to match the current standard for Crowd Control.
  • Set Field Surgeon Rescue proc to reflect to your target instead of yourself.
  • Replaced the stat mods on Marsh Body, which fell off one day no doubt due to over-ripening in the wet weather.
  • Corrected Poison damage numbers in Poisoner and the poison template, they were still doing damage in the old scale
  • Removed the Pip cost from Templar Radiant Sweep (only the first in the combo should have a cost).
  • Replaced stat mods on Knight Chainpull daze effect.
  • Set Runecaster discipline abilities to be usable by anyone instead of just casters.

Known Issues

  • Durability in crafted items is not properly carrying up the crafting chain.
  • Non Ranger classes lack bow animations. All bow related disciplines will remain inactive until they do.
  • Bard Speed Song cancels when entering combat.
  • Bard Speed Song remains at combat buff amounts if the buff was placed on you and you were in combat mode then went into non combat movement speed. (waiting on race/class split to fix this one)
  • Vessel inventory objects can not be used at a Temple.
  • Myrmidon Berserk UI widget timer on the client can be incorrect by +/- a few seconds, however should the Berserker Crash will always happen at the 8.35 second mark on the server.
  • Ranger Arrows lose data after first arrow fired, this will cause 3rd basic shot to malfunction.
  • Settings Menu appearing outside of the window area. The window can be closed in game by pressing F12, no need to close the client and relaunch.