Release Date: 2017-05-17

Items to Note

  • As a precaution Spirit Banks will be reset. 
  • Some players have been experiencing issues with their settings window displaying outside of the screen area. You can close this window by pressing F12, no need to close and relaunch the client.
  • It is highly recommended that players reset their input settings. This can be done in Settings > Input > Key Bindings > Edit 
  • If something does not work on the first try, try it again....


  • New Tenkoku lighting along with Experimental Settings (Esc > Settings > Graphics) have been added to Crowfall!
  • Updates made to shadow reflections.
  • Changes to character lighting have been added.

Building Tool

  • Looting a placeable building now takes 2 seconds instead of 1 second.
  • Fixed bug on startup of campaign (with buildings with active smart connectors already placed) where smart connector collision wouldn't correctly get turned on.
  • Fixed collision on Throne Keep.
  • Fixed issue with building placement showing a valid placement location but actual placement failing and showing a message saying "Some object was blocking placement at the placement location."
  • Hitting escape to leave building placement mode no longer brings up the Escape Menu.

Eternal Kingdoms

  • Change EKs to be 10x10.
  • Change EK Tool labels to be dynamic based on the actual size of the kingdom.
  • Added kingdom options to panel in Eternal Kingdoms Customization Window. Customization settings in this menu include: 
    • Renaming your EK
    • The option to make “Public”
    • The option to allow PVP


  • Harvest Doobers (Ore, Wood, etc) now have a larger collider so the server picks them up sooner/easier.
  • Updated doober pickup FX.
  • Added "Logging in please wait" indicator while login is processing and loading the lobby.
  • Removed Hunger Shards from NPC loot tables (they are still in skinning tables however).

User Interface

  • Adjustments made to inventory window which should address issues with sometimes having “dead cells” in inventory spaces. 
  • Created new icons for Harvesting Rune Tools.
  • Third tab at top of “Player Inventory UI" is the Discipline tab.
  • More updates to address chat functionality.


  • Updated stat caps on the resource_cost (-.60), weapon_resource_cost (-.20).
    • Added a base (.75) weapon_resource_cost to all advanced weapons (This means Efficiency is very important in crafting weapons now). (Poorly made weapons efficiency can be countered via a new passive Weapon Finesse located in the Passive powers UI)
    • Added a base (.20) weapon_resource_cost to all basic weapons to ensure they are always less desirable.
    • Reduced weapon_efficency grants from skill tree to (-.0003) per skill box.
  • Fixed Stat mod for Knight Onslaught which was pointing at resource instead of resource_cost. (those two things aren’t equal!)
  • Altered the way Bonus Damage is calculated to account for many of the newly created discipline stats.
  • Added Movement Speed Damage Bonus to combat loop.
  • Increase max bonus harvest stats to 5.
  • Added new Plentiful Harvesting Rating stats which feed into the Plentiful Harvest Stat.
    • Updated skill trees to grant rating stats.
    • Updated Quarrying, Logging, Skinning Passives to use these new rating stats.
  • Added New Vision Stat and Anti-Stealth rating stat.
  • Changed all Attack Power references to Attack_Rating.
  • Healing powers min/max now only uses support power for base healing values. 
  • Damage powers use min/max plus weapon min/max, ammo min/max, attack power, and weapon_damagemin bonuses for base damage values.
  • Stat mods for min/max value on game effects will now account for weapon damage, attack power, etc. for hitpoint affecting game effects.

Crafting and Harvesting

  • Removed multiple outcome recipes for Parcel Creation and broke them up into individual recipes.
  • Created and implemented Architecture crafting recipes for building crafting. 
  • Fixed an issue with yew not dropping any heartwood.
  • Created recipes to use smaller parcels to create bigger parcels.
  • Decreasing crafting failure rate per Blair's request (Thank you, Blair!).
  • Added Quarrying, Skinning, Logging, and Mining Boost passive powers  which set all bonus harvesting stats (plethora) to 3 if they are under 3.
    • Added to every player’s powers, but not loaded out.
    • These powers set your plentiful harvesting for named resources to 3. and no more (all it costs is a valuable passive power slot).
  • Created empty flask item as a recipe reagent. 
  • Moved and relabeled current set of potions to PRE-ALPHA TESTING POTIONS subsection of alchemy, and added new potion recipes for new plentiful harvest potions (new plentiful potions grant +1 , and don’t stack with the group leadership harvesting buff. So either harvest with a trained group leader, or support your local alchemist union).
  • Removed Testing only - Plentiful Harvesting Potion from recipe list.
  • New Weapon recipes have been added including: 
    • One Handed Hammer and Hammer Head.
    • One Handed Axe.
    • One Handed Scimitar and Curved Blade. 
    • Focus Orb and components. 
    • Please note that these items do not have visuals in game yet, and this is a known issue.
  • New Test Discipline recipes are now available for Major, Weapon, and Minor Disciplines.
    • These recipes are for pre-alpha testing only, but will allow players to view and use all currently available disciplines.
    • Adding unobtainium (any recipe with this ingredient means we don’t want you crafting it yet, there is no such thing as unobtainium!) to Master of Bows, Sharpshooter, Arcane Archer, Expansive Mind, Stoneskin, Master of Poleaxes, and Master of Polemaces test recipes (These disciplines are not test ready).
  • Updated display names and some of the vessel recipes to now fit with the new races.
  • Final pass made on discipline equip list.


  • All powers, player pools like health,  and items have had their stats reduced by a factor of 10. (2530 is now 253)
  • Cooldowns across all powers have been standardized. (Except for Myrmidons who are mainly gated by resource opposed to cooldowns, cept for Berserk). (There are now discipline powers that offer substantial cooldown reduction for those wishing to explore this playstyle)
  • Daze now has its own tag.
    • Increased slow reduction of Daze, reduced base duration.
    • Dazes do not qualify for “while target has a movement speed reduction style of attacks.”
    • Changed stat mod from flat bonus to percent of base bonuses for Dazes.
  • Add code for the low/high health damage taken bonus in the combat loop.
  • Can now assign powers with subcategories LMB, RMB and Ultimate to Power Tray. 
  • Fixed a bug that caused traps to immediately destroy themselves instead of hanging around until they are triggered.
  • New power input type “Toggled”
    • Toggle powers automatically recast themselves per their defined tick rate.
    • Normal powers can be used while a Toggle power is active.
    • Toggle powers have groups and only 1 can be active within a group (i.e. All Bard Songs are on same toggle group, only the most recent one cast will stay in the toggle on state).
    • There is no UI to indicate a toggle power being active.
  • Players can now globally modify the chance of a critical hit on the target in either a positive or negative direction (I put a debuff on you so everyone has a +10% increased chance to critically hit you).


  • Discipline functionality has been added and available for Pre-Alpha testing. There are over 100 Disciplines, with a few hundred powers and many new stats. Have fun!
    • Many Power FX and sounds are not yet complete! However all the powers should behave correctly. Let’s start knocking out the bugs!
  • Added a new Discipline with the Passive called Weapon Finesse to grant resource cost reduction for people who can’t get a decent crafted weapon with a reasonable weapon resource cost (0 OR NEGATIVE NUMBERS, are considered good resource costs).
    • Added this passive to a minor discipline for future use. For now just granting but not equipping this passive on all archetypes.
  • Trailblazer will now re-apply after Bard Speed Song wears off.
  • Hooked up peripheral vision stat to allow/prevent the camera zoom focus based on power configuration. This is now an equippable harvesting minor discipline. 
  • Updating baseline discipline quality. Majors are now Legendary, Weapons are Epic, and Minors are Rare (Future crafted ones will use resource qualities like all crafted things).
  • Equipped disciplines are destroyed when switching archetypes (In the future they will stay in the vessel they are placed in, and the vesselwill become an inventory object).
  • Disciplines are consumed when equipped, and must be destroyed in order to make room for a different discipline.
  • Discipline items must be drug to a valid discipline slot or won't be equipped (Cannot be equipped with right-click)(We want people to be really sure when they equip these as they are a substantial investment).
  • Discipline slot equipped FX + combat power tray has 8 slots.


  • Adding the Group Leader passive to all players passive powers but not equipped list. This passive does nothing unless you have trained in the group leadership skill tree.


  • Added a small mana cost to Confessor basic attacks to offset regen.


  • Removed a buff display that shouldn't be there from several Duelist abilities.

Known Issues

  • Durability in crafted items is not properly carrying up the crafting chain.
  • Non Ranger classes lack bow animations. All bow related disciplines will remain inactive until they do.
  • Bard Speed Song cancels when entering combat.
  • Bard Speed Song remains at combat buff amounts if the buff was placed on you and you were in combat mode then went into non combat movement speed. (waiting on race/class split to fix this one)
  • Vessel inventory objects can not be used at a Temple.
  • Myrmidon Berserk UI widget timer on the client can be incorrect by +/- a few seconds, however should the Berserker Crash will always happen at the 8.35 second mark on the server.
  • Ranger Arrows lose data after first arrow fired, this will cause 3rd basic shot to malfunction.
  • Settings Menu appearing outside of the window area. The window can be closed in game by pressing F12, no need to close the client and relaunch.