Date: 07.04.2016



  • Added an item comparison tooltip for the item you are examining vs what you are wearing.
  • Tooltips have a black backing once again.

Hunger Dome

  • The Hunger should be visible once again.

Siege Perilous

  • Added toast events for key moment battles.
  • Catapults respawn after 1:30 now.
  • Catapults have lower health.
  • 4 Max Catapults now.
  • Removed extra Campfires.
  • Thinned prop count in some locations.
  • Tree of Life icon appears next to lifebar in game mode widget.
  • Exiting a Catapult should no longer break your camera and unitframe.
  • Exiting a Catapult now incurs a seat reentry cooldown.
  • More performance Optimizations.


  • Reduced Fervor cooldown to 15 seconds.
  • Legacy Confessors should be able to cast powers again.
  • Removed Mana cost from basic attack.
  • Condemnation should again work against targets with 5 stacks of Sin.


  • Legionnaire Disciplining Strike no longer heals and restores resources to allies but now snares enemies.
  • Reduced Rage generation rates slightly for Legionnaire.
  • Legionnaire Linebreaker has been replaced by Bellow of Triumph which instantly heals an ally directly in front or adjacent to you and  yourself over time.
  • Rallying Cry no longer causes heal over time but now grants crit buff.
  • Eternal Rage now restores resources and heals over time for allies within your group.


  • Reduced Rage generation rate slightly.