Date: 20.04.2016



  • More server tweaks and optimizations.
  • Even more client tweaks to improve framerate. (should see less hitching)
  • Stage 3 combo prompts should now appear more reliably

Siege Perilous

  • Trim pieces on Walls should now explode gloriously
  • Tweaks to wall performance
  • Updated Icons on Catapult Powers
  • Mk2 Catapult should no longer be able to move in Siege Mode

Hunger Dome

  • Players should no longer start with the Hunger screen effect on their screens



  • Archer’s stake now pulses a snare effect to all enemies in the radius


  • Absolution should now be able to hit Banewood Trees / Tree of Life


  • Whirlwind shouldn’t be any more cases of this power rooting the player in place
  • Cancel Whirlwind shouldn’t errantly root the Champion in place either


  • Bellow of Triumph now has an 8 second cooldown
  • Bellow of Triumph now heals for more
  • Reduced Rage cost on entire No Quarter Chain

Armor Differentiation
Armor mitigation bonuses and penalties have been replaced by adjustments to player hitpoints. These new base hitpoint totals are below:

Ranger 50.000
Knight 62.500
Champion 41.750
Confessor 41.750
Legionnaire 45.500


  • The in-combat movement penalty has been reduced from 30% to 20%.
  • A portion of the damage penalty paid for certain archetypes have been moved into the Plate and Chain armor types. Knight and Legionnaire now suffer a 10% damage penalty (instead of 30%), while other archetypes suffer no damage penalty.
  •  Set Bonuses: All armor types offer one or more bonus effects when four of the same type of armor is equipped. See below for specifics for each type of armor.
    •  Plate: Plate is now effective versus all types of damage but it suffers penalties to movement speed and damage. While wearing a full suit of plate armor your damage is reduced by 20%, your movement speed is reduced by 10% (meaning your in combat movement speed is identical to what it was pre-patch) but you also gain an additional 5% additional protection versus all types of damage.
    • Chain: Chain is now mostly effective versus physical damage types but is weak or vulnerable to elemental and organic damage types. While wearing a full set you suffer a small 5% movement penalty and 10% damage reduction.
    • Leather: Leather is now most effective versus elemental and organic damage types but is weak or vulnerable to physical types. While wearing a full suit of Leather armor you gain a significant bonus to stamina regeneration and a reduction to the cost of Sprinting.

Please note:

These effects will most likely be tied to skills in the future. Not all Archetypes or Armor types are ready yet, we are just experimenting.

  • Champion: While wearing full Plate armor, the activation time for Hateful regeneration when under 50% health is decreased.
  • Champion: While wearing full Leather armor, Ultimate Warrior increases critical chance by 15% per activation.
  • Legionnaire: While wearing full Plate armor, Eternal Rage increases Attack and Support power by 150.
  • Legionnaire: While wearing full Leather armor, recover 25 Stamina when REAR KICK becomes available.
  • Confessor: While wearing full Plate armor, Fervor does not reduce your armor and knocks down enemies in an area around you.
  • Confessor: While wearing full Leather armor, Righteousness procs increase critical chance by 5% for 30 seconds up to a maximum of 50%