Date: 15.04.2016



  • More server tweaks and optimizations.
  • Multiple client tweaks to improve framerate. (should see less hitching)

Siege Perilous

  • Wall colliders should no longer respawn if you leave interest range.
  • Wall chunks that have been detached have considerable more mass.
  • Wall relevancy range has been increased to reduce popping.
  • Banewood Trees - Increased Health.
  • Banewood Trees - It should be more apparent when a tree dies.
  • Mk1 - Catapult Fireball is now Blue (This is the heavy magic Barrier damage Fireball)
  • Mk1 - Updated Horn sound.
  • MK1 - Increased Health.
  • Mk2 - Updated Horn sound.
  • Mk2 - Increased Health.


  • Multi Fireball - Now only applies 1 stack of Sin even if it hits you multiple times.
  • Absolution - Now only hits 1 target.
  • Fire Tornados - Can now hit players up to a maximum of three times per second and non-players three times once per three seconds.


  • Significantly increased healing values for all heals.