Crowfall Patchnotes 0.1.1F3.3

  • New Keep (enjoy!)
  • Back doors invisibly blocked
  • Hellcats have some new AI issues
  • Champion Rend power modified
  • New logging added
  • Other miscellaneous fixes


Patch 0.1.1E

  • NPC's don't shoot (effectively) through walls
  • Less "standing" dead NPC's
  • Team Crests display correctly
  • Enemy Unit Frame does not always update health value
  • F to interact always up
  • Looting requires moving first
  • UI: be more clear about ALT moves you out of mouse mode back into
  • Fix up In-World UI Elements
  • Default graphics should be High, default mouse sensivity should be 2

Patch 0.1.1D


  • Improvement: Various performance optimizations.
  • Improvement: AI behavior updates have been re-worked in order to eliminate many unintended pathing issues.
  • Fixed: Jump will no longer incorrectly place the character into permanent strafe.
  • Fixed: Campfire's will no longer damage NPC's.


  • Fixed: Hellfire Blast now correctly applies its vertical velocity.
  • Balance: Condemnation's cooldown increased to 30 seconds (up from 10).
  • Fixed: Flames of Truth no longer does a single point of damage on application.


  • Fixed: Leap Smash cast on enemy's within one meter will no longer cause an instantaneous death.
  • Fixed: Block once again works as intended. Previously, occasional hits were not being mitigated correctly.

Patch 0.1.1A

  • Champion Regeneration now triggers after not taking damage for 3 seconds while under 50% health.
  • Champion Strength of the mountain's duration has increased to 8 seconds (up from 6). Note: This ability is currently missing its visual FX.
  • Performance improvements to User Interface.
  • Enhancements to Monster AI behavior.
  • Reduced the chance of an early tether.
  • Fixes to various connection issues.
  • Fall damage enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where under certain circumstances audio would stop playing.