The first phase of Eternal Kingdoms technology and world object placement is coming online! Let’s see what you can break!
See web update for the details: https://crowfall.com/en/news/first-look-building-eks/

Building Tool

  • Fixed duplicate/detached ghost building bug. Now if somehow a deed is activated after another one was already activated, then the new ghost replaces the old one.
  • Updated green color to same blue color as the valid state for the placeables.
  • Camera rotation matching now only happens when position via mouse position happens.
  • Parcel deeds can now hold placed buildings within the parcel deed.
  • When a parcel is removed from the world, any buildings that are owned by the parcel owner will be packed into the parcel deed. Buildings owned by other players will be re-deeded separately.
  • Fixed dragging of parcels so that they are now dragged by the cell you clicked on instead of the parcel's center. Dragging is a lot more accurate and acts the way the user would expect.
  • When a player picks up a parcel, any buildings they don't own are sent to the spirit bank of the player who does own the building.


  • Increased resource base stack size to 50.
  • Increased component base stack size to 20.


  • Fixed issue with Polish Soulgem recipe requiring a cutting saw instead of polishing paste.


  • Added a node for Beeswax Harvesting from Trees to Exploration Basics Skill Tree.
  • Skill tooltips should no longer draw off the screen.


  • Right click Dodge powers no longer consume stamina. (we were just overloading too many disparate aspects on the stamina pool, dodges, harvesting, sprints)
  • All Archetypes now have 2 “Dodge Pips” they can use with a cooldown on each pip recovery.
  • Each Dodge Pip takes 10 seconds to regenerate.
  • Dodges can be used back to back.
  • Sprint is now an in combat power only.
  • Shortly after leaving combat all Archetypes will have a buff placed on them called “Trailblazer”.
  • Trailblazer grants a passive 15% movement speed buff.
  • (Constantly holding the shift key down when running about the world had finally reached it’s annoyance limits and developing discipline powers opened up a bunch of new tech for us. This was going to be an Arcane Archer passive but we found it so useful we added it to everyone’s base package.)
  • Root type CC’s now have a chance to break based on damage and the number of hits taken while rooted.
  • Altered Jump animations for all archetypes so they aren’t jumping over 6m high.

Passive Powers

  • As a heads up: We are doing considerable iteration on all passive powers as well as powers in general as the Discipline system comes online. There will be some weeks where we add a few discipline powers to an archetype to be tested.
  • All previous Archetype Passive Powers must now be equipped via the Powers UI. (Press ‘k’ to open and drag the passives to the passive section of the power tray)
  • Templar, Legionnaire, and Ranger archetype passives have not yet been converted and will still function without being equipped. (until next build)
  • Added Relentless - Passive to Rage based classes for testing.
  • Relentless - You no longer degenerate Rage. Instead, you generate 1.5 Rage every 1 second while in Combat. (Again you need to equip this for it to work)
  • Powers should only be able to be equipped into trays they are allowed in. (ie no melee powers can be equipped into a ranged tray)
  • Equipped Powers will not persist from session to session! Make sure you re-equip them after every login.


  • Increased base amount of Rage restored from Champions basic attacks.
  • Ultimate Warrior - Now restores some Rage, applies a Heal and is an interrupt.
  • Ultimate Warrior - Increased the invulnerability duration from 1.5 to 2 seconds.


  • Ranger Thrown Explosive Trap no longer requires arrows.
  • Reduced the amount of stamina given by Twin Surge from 150 (50 more stamina than you have at start) to 35.


  • Reduced the hitpoint_gain amount granted by Covered in Flies skill by a factor of 100 because it was implemented as 0-1 not 0-100.
  • Berserk now has a 4 second cooldown time. (Since cooldowns start at beginning of power it will display as 12 on the power tray)
  • Berserk again applies a damage bonus that scales with damage taken. (It will cap at 20% when that tech exists)
  • Berserk - Reduced animation blackout timer from 2.3 seconds to 1.
  • Pulverize - Should now play animation correctly.


  • Devotion - no longer triggers from harvesting or other non-combat damage types.
  • Reduced the hitpoint_gain amount granted by the Intercession skill by a factor of 100 because it was implemented as 0-1 not 0-100.


  • Improved item tooltip layout to better accommodate all the things Disciplines can grant.

Known Issues

  • Vessel inventory objects can not be used at a Temple yet.
  • Myrmidon Berserk UI widget timer on the client can be incorrect by +/- a few seconds, however should the Berserker Crash will always happen at the 8.35 second mark on the server.
  • Blocking and walking backwards with good framerate does not allow the player to move at all.
  • The camera behaves a little wonky going in and out of combat.