The first phase of Eternal Kingdoms technology and world object placement is coming online! Let’s see what you can break.
See web update for the details: https://crowfall.com/en/news/first-look-building-eks/

There are still a plethora of general game fixes and other new content in this update as well.


  • Increased object creation data to increase interest range of players and NPCs.
  • Updated new houses with bases.


  • Updated appropriate harvesting tables to have blood, bone, soulgem chance to drop if player has appropriate stats.
  • Mother Lode nodes no longer regenerate.
  • Instead of players fighting vs the regeneration rate of a Mother lode they now fight vs the armor of the node. (This means you either have high enough quality tools and enough players to damage a node or you don’t)
  • Since Mother Lodes no longer regenerate it should be clearer as to how much resource is left in a node based on its current destruction stage.
  • Increased Mother Lode resource loot from 2x to 3x a solo node. (they also have gems and minerals)
  • Harvest nodes now have a max lifetime of 2 minutes after they take damage for the first time. (If it is taking you too long to harvest a node, more than likely your tools should be of better quality, remember generally 1 bar of stamina is all that should be needed to destroy a node.)
  • Added new destruction stage appearances to slag and cobblestone node types.


  • Added crafting recipe to polish Soulgems. (Polished soulgems will be required to capture Thralls)
  • Added recipes for Weapon and Major Disciplines. (Since system isn’t ready added an item that can’t be obtained until the full system is ready)
  • Fixed an issue with Jewelcrafting polishing and shaping steps.


  • Parent tree text on skill tooltip smaller so it doesn't appear to be the skill's title.
  • Added new skill to grant soulgem harvesting in exploration basics.
  • Updated invalid stats pointers in skill trees that referenced food_regen, and rage_regen.
  • Removed mana regen stats from knight skill tree.
  • Altered the Excavation tree to be more generic.
  • Moved copper, granite, human grave skill lines into their respective skill trees. (People who had skills trained will still have them, they will just need to train the new pre reqs.)
  • Added increased Dust skills to Grave Digging skill tree.
  • Added new stat to enable harvesting of soulgems from Ore nodes.


  • Disease is now a thing that will start making its way into powers.
  • Added a Power Cooldown stat mod to all dodges so they can be effected by and cooldown debuffs.
  • Applying default material to animated meshes. (They shouldn’t look pink anymore)
  • Fix strafing mode animation speed slowdown due to using look direction in its calculation where it should use character facing.
  • Fixed an issue where null exceptions may be thrown when changing vessels to/from the crow form with one or more items equipped.
  • Fixed an issue where weapon trails are not initialized correctly after changing vessels with a weapon equipped (both crow-archetype or archetype-archetype).
  • Added Back Pivots for all archetypes backwards hip pivots for all characters.
  • Regen stats are now a CoopTasker.Task (This involved a big refactor of how regeneration stats work, please call out any oddities with regens)
  • Fixed issue with player was getting full pools after any skill point increase.
  • Considerable work to make the player look correct on observing clients. (should see less warping, sliding, and popping when looking at other players)


  • Fix for combo manager errors in legionnaire basic attack: only assign new combo root hotkey if the previous one has been cleared.


  • Polish on the left and right strafe anims.  
  • Fixed unarmed sprint speed.
  • Stat mods were erroneously stripped out of Zealot Rush, meaning it had a fixed sta cost rather than a modified stamina cost based on armor.


  • Lots of Animation work to enable the Druid to equip Shields with the correct Disciplines. (be on the lookout to ensure older animations didn’t break)


  • Corrected Ranger charge attack damage which used to be ~3 seconds but now appears to be a 2 second charge.
  • Special ranger arrows now cause damage based on their type on the final hit.
  • Slashing arrows now cause execute scale damage against injured targets, rather than a stun.


  • Plate armor should now have a unique appearance.


  • All armors sets should have updated appearances.
  • Updated materials and textures for Templar Weapons.
  • Templar Divine Light - Reduced initial "instant" damage. Reduced per tick damage slightly since I had the duration as 15 seconds but it is actually 12 seconds (your face will still melt off if you stand in it.)
  • Updated templar divine light power icon to indicate pip used.
  • Added a colored line around Divine light to indicate friendly or enemy cast.
  • Zealotry is no longer generated while Holy Warrior is active.
  • Adjusted Templar Sprint anims, adjusted sprint scale to feel smoother.


  • Fx should clean themselves up better.
  • Texture and texture-reference optimizations.
  • Fixed an issue with unit frames stretching buffs.
  • Fixed an issue where nameplates of dead monsters would reappear until the monster completely de-spawned.
  • Fixed an issue where the faction crest in the group nameplate did not update to the player's current faction.
  • Fixed an issue where the initially selected faction button did not match the displayed faction name in the campaign faction selection screen.
  • Updated skill tooltip and setup for updated equipment window. (equipment window is in a temporary state as we add the functionality to dynamically add or remove equipment slots based on Discipline granted equipment slots.)
  • Crests on nameplates are now hidden if no faction or faction image is available.
  • Call CheckButtonSuppression when the asset is done loading to reduce the amount of flicker when switching ability trays.
  • Default graphics settings to medium.
  • Added the ability to define maximum distances for the visibility for nameplates and flytexts individually.
  • Disabled the UI Camera in ViewManager prefab as it was clearing the depth buffer unnecessarily where it was needed. This fixes nameplate occlusion which uses depth buffer data.
  • Added an optimization to only update nameplate threat category if it is visible.
  • Added reset-tray to default as an option to power loadout functionality.
  • System chat messages go into "me" channel only.
  • Tooltips now show slots, equips, powers, can use, trays granted and removed.
  • Skill tree info tooltip - added an alternate module that will be used to display unlock requirements instead of tree completion if the tree is locked

Known Issues

  • Vessel invetory objects can not be used at a Temple yet.
  • Myrmidon Berserk UI widget timer on the client can be incorrect by +/- a few seconds, however should the Berserker Crash will always happen at the 8.35 second mark on the server.
  • Blocking and walking backwards with good framerate does not allow the player to move at all.