This build is focused on server optimizations and other high priority fixes. (we really didn’t want to add too many new variables this week)

New Campaigns with new maps are up, which means new characters. (Spirit Banks were not wiped)


  • Server optimizations to reduce hitching/spikes. (frequency and duration of hitches should be down,  please see what happens in larger fights)
  • Swapping gear should no longer increase pool values current value. (should stop ranger spam tray swap healing)
  • Fixes for nameplates/crests so banners match selected faction.
  • Client crash fix related to Duelist powers.
  • Mother Lode Nodes size increase.
  • Reduce default graphics setting for new users to medium.
  • Increase visibility range for nameplates/flytext

Clarification for those who don’t know!

  • Shift + Left Click is input combination to split stacked items.
  • Shift + Right Click is input combination to force stack items.

Known Issues

  • The reset powers tray option doesn’t function yet in the powers UI.
  • There is some oddities with remapping multiple powers trays on the same archetype (ie druid, ranger)
  • Vessel inventory objects can not be used at a Temple yet.
  • Myrmidon Berserk UI widget timer on the client can be incorrect by +/- a few seconds, however should the Berserker Crash will always happen at the 8.35 second mark on the server.
  • Blocking and walking backwards with good framerate does not allow the player to move at all.