All Campaigns have been completed, and all characters, inventories and spirit banks have been wiped. (we have cleared up all known dupes, keep finding them if you can!)


  • Templar is available for play!
  • New Maps, Carnage versions of (East/West/EU) and Sanctuary are the available maps to play for this test.
  • Crows must select a faction on the way into a Campaign. This will be your faction until this Campaign concludes.
  • There are 3 factions available for play in the Carnage Maps.
  • Removed many extra art assets from build, in attempts to start slimming down the client.
  • Extensive optimization work on the server which should smooth out the frequency and intensity of server spikes.
  • Temples now have Banners to identify faction.


  • Resource nodes can now be above rank 1. (higher ranks can produce more quantity as well as quality if player has appropriate skills trained)
  • This means the quality of tools is now very important! Trying to harvest high ranked nodes with tools with low harvesting stats is not the best of ideas. (You’re gonna have a bad time!)
  • Higher ranked resource nodes are generally in the center of the map.
  • F to interact widget now shows resource node rank.
  • Removed potential of spawning Ore from loot chests. (with ranked nodes in, high quality ore can be obtained from harvesting)


  • Crafting speed increasing stats now properly reduce the amount of time to craft. (curse you flat values!)


  • Added Header to all skills tooltips to indicate tree it belongs in.
  • Tooltips should no longer go off the screen.
  • More text cleanup and bolded reference cleanup.
  • Cleaned up skills that were pointing to multiple stats instead of parent stats.
  • Skills should no longer point to old default armor.
  • Skills now display total time to train a skill.


  • Soul Power generation no longer triggers from DoT ticks (yours or enemies)
  • Campfire damage can no longer be mitigated/prevented, will no longer trigger Soul Power generation.
  • Added many new status effect icons to powers.
  • Most archetypes now have data structure for melee and ranged tray.
  • Interrupting a power should now fire the End DM lines to clean up hanging effects. (this means CCing a pulverize will actually force a Berserk to Crash properly)
  • Retaliate should perform better now
  • Retaliate icon is now above the Powers tray to show current cooldown state.
  • Retaliates and Legionnaire Rear Kick are now 'hide on cooldown' so we don't throw up a UI prompt to use something that's on cooldown.


  • Rear Kick - Reduced the cooldown and the chance to trigger so it's not so mechanically predictable since it works reliably now.


  • Now has access to Zealtroy resource type. (No powers use it yet though!)


  • Eldritch Scram - Should now function for more than 1 tick.


  • Berserk - Removed Damage Bonus Component.
  • Berserk - Duration is now 8 seconds, cooldown 10, Fury cost reduced to 10.
  • Raging Bull - Split Damage into 11 individual hits.


  • Updated armor inventory icons.


  • Faction team members health bars should appear blue.
  • Group members health bars should appear green.
  • Enemies health bars should appear red.
  • Powers can now be remapped to any slot. (Press K to open power list, if you like make every slot point to the same power!)
  • Combos should update their input selection based on the slot they are currently in.

Known Issues

  • The reset powers tray option doesn’t function yet in the powers UI.
  • Hitting an enemy over 25m will not show flytext, however damage is still applied properly.
  • There is some oddities with remapping multiple powers trays on the same archetype (ie druid, ranger)
  • Vessel inventory objects can not be used at a Temple yet.
  • Myrmidon Berserk UI widget timer on the client can be incorrect by +/- a few seconds, however should the Berserker Crash will always happen at the 8.35 second mark on the server.
  • Blocking and walking ​​​​​​​backwards with good framerate does not allow the player to move at all.