You should reset your keyboard bindings! Otherwise new features may not work properly! You can find this in Settings -> Input  -> Keybindings -> Edit -> Press Restore Defaults.

All Campaigns have been completed, and all characters, inventories and spirit banks have been wiped. (we have cleared up all known dupes and crafting issues, need to get rid of any old cruft which could cause confusion)


  • Removed many extra art assets from build, should slim down the client.
  • New House types are visible in Sanctuary.


  • Attributes - (STR, DEX or INT) now give an additional bonus to one of the following for all archetypes. STR adds attack power, DEX adds critical hit chance and INT adds critical hit damage.


  • Improved drag icon sizing across floating windows.
  • Removed ability to place items in bank if there is no match for their size at the specified location.
  • Fixed stacking of arrows that could change the data on the stack.
  • Fixed case where you could lose some counts on ingredients during recipe switch.
  • Added a behavior when inventory is too full switching vessels.
  • Added a behavior when inventory is too full switching recipes.
  • Added doober pickup message when inventory is too full.
  • Fix-up for bad item slots in bank.
  • Added move item message handled by bank.
  • Added skeletons of split and stack messages for bank.


  • Crow should not be visible until you release.
  • Temple altars should not be targetable.


  • Fixed issues with items with incredibly massive stats being created. (80k-90k weapons anyone?)
  • Fixed Bow Staff Limb allowing experimentation on min damage only.
  • Corrected Staff Limb to allow experimentation on min damage and max damage.
  • Corrected experimentation coefficient on Runestone Life and Death.
  • Added all the parts and pieces necessary to craft 2h swords.
  • Tweaks to the fixed stats on all armors.
  • Removed movement penalty from all armors.
  • Removed damage bonus from plate.
  • Reduced damage bonus on mail.
  • Leather now has minor stamina cost fixed stat.
  • Fixed stats on an item template can no longer be experimented on nor receive quality bonuses.
  • Added back the chance of success to floating crafting window.
  • When crafting an item that requires a station such as a campfire, and you're not near the station, it should now refund your ingredients and tell you why it failed.
  • You should no longer be able to claim an item if there's no room in your inventory.


  • Added missing gravestone models.
  • Implemented gravedigging SFX. Includes dig sound, shovel summon (for each archetype) and mound destruction state changes.
  • Harvestables are now in their own physics layer.
  • Fixed issue with cutting grit loot table not spawning when player had skill.
  • Fixed issue with mineral loot table not spawning when player had skill.


  • Updated crafting Basics skill tree to include all crafting professions.
  • Many new icons added.
  • Alchemy Skill tree added.
  • Jewelcrafting Skill tree added. (stats haven’t been added to jewelry please check if you can obtain resources and recipes function however)
  • Stonemasonry Skill tree added. (much needed to craft jewelcrafting items)
  • Fixed issued with being unable to train resilience in combat principles tree.
  • Updated all crafting skills descriptions.
  • Updated colors for crafting skill trees icon backings.
  • Updated all text in the Group Leadership Skill Tree.
  • Updates to the Group Leader Power Passive.
  • Added more stats to the Group leader Skill Tree.
  • New stats to support Group Leader Passive.
  • Cleaned up multiple old combat stats that pointed to multiple mitigations rather than a single parent stat mitigation value. (ie elemental mitigation vs fire, ice, electric)

Character Movement

  • Refresh ground normal during snap-to-ground root motion.
  • Use only the forward component of the ground normal to prevent client/server angular variance.
  • No longer clear the grounded flag during jump liftoff.
  • Fixed a bug when teleporting that would not disable gravity correctly in kinematic mode.
  • Improved the grounded check: update the grounded state if we have moved since the last grounded check, or our supporting rigid body has moved.
  • Improved teleport: snap down to support, or fail if no support below requested position.
  • Better last move velocity calculation and snap to ground on ending airborne root motion.
  • powers with RequireGrounded now also require ground slope in forward direction to be less than MaxSlope (currently 60 degrees) on both client and server.
  • Clamp root motion speed modifier to no larger than current movement modifier. (Sorry Confessors!) 
  • Fixed bug causing early bail out when slerping server pill towards power-based rotation.
  • Fixed a bug with TurretMode so it applies to root motion again. (Hooray Knights!)


  • All archetypes now have Soul Power Resource type.
  • Flying Neckbreaker, Immolation, Eldritch Scram, Vanish, Leap Smash, Rallying Cry, Raging Bull, and Sustain now have a minimal cooldown and require 1000 Soul Power to activate. Soul Power is generated when you damage an enemy or take damage. Druid basic orbs also generates supercharge when they are picked up (we will need to tune obviously, lets see where first wack landed)
  • Fixed ThunkStartPositionToGround so players don't spawn underneath temple. (yeah variables!)
  • Fix for the drink and the eat animations interrupting harvest animations.
  • New stat Metabolism - Reduces the amount of food consumed based on stamina usage.
  • We are making a giant pass to update all Buff/Debuff icons to the current power icon art style, some powers have been update, more to come!


  • Many Animation Tweaks to loosen up her movement. (sorry can’t be more specific, animators speak in interesting tongues at times. Basically she should feel smoother and many of her powers can now be used on move)
  • Barrage - Increased the tick rate and adjusted damage to match the new faster animation.
  • Jab - now crits as described. Adjusted damage since the blackout time increased at some point. Also added a zero to the cooldown.
  • Ricochet shot - Fixed Global Blackout for which for some reason got changed to 2 instead of 4.
  • Left Click Bow Attacks - Now uses ray casts rather than projectiles.
  • Rapid Fire - Now uses a ray cast rather than a projectile.


  • Animation cleanup to make swinging from the hip look better.


  • No longer has Mana and his abilities now cost Stamina.
  • Oath of Will now restores stamina.
  • Block now consumes more stamina when blocking a big hit.
  • Pursuit is no longer a hold and is now an instant "tap" attack. It will always stun one target if it hits.
  • Pursuit direction can once again be steered.
  • Shield Slam now also pushes your target forward if more than two thirds charged.
  • Three consecutive basic attacks triggers a Shield Bash.
  • A chain of two consecutive Shield Bashes is a guaranteed crit for special scale damage.
  • Adjusted damage for Knight Basic attacks to reflect longer animation times.
  • Block now reflects damage back when hit by attacks with an Elemental (Fire, Electricity or Ice) type, rather than "Magic" which isn't a meaningful classification.
  • Shield Bash now has a Daze and Dodge Preventing effects.
  • Increased Oath of Will stamina regen.
  • Added Stamina regen to Knight Second Wind.
  • Reduced the value of block from 90 absolute to 65 absolute. Armor should put knights back into the 85-90% range for now. (we don’t have the ability to cap a stat yet and are going way over 100% with the values at 90% + armor mitigations. We will revisit this in the future when we have stat caps.)
  • Block - Big hits should no longer trigger from DoT’s, they can only trigger from initial “hits” on any attack.
  • Block - Removed the execution blackout and set the cooldown to occur when the ability ends so you don't stop moving when you stop blocking.


  • Animation cleanup to make swinging from the hip look better.
  • Net Pull - No longer tries to cause damage if your target is Blocking or otherwise in a state that prevents "chain pull" type effects.


  • All armor set appearances in game. (go remake those hats!)


  • New Unitframe Bar tech to support any number or shapes of bars. (allows us to make different kinds of resource bars, placeable anywhere in the ui)
  • Add a flag for when a skill needs to be trained to max in order to receive benefit
  • Removed extra up arrow in damage number on item tooltip.

Known Issues

  • The current crafting tool UI widget isn’t in this build. However since all resource nodes are currently rank 1, the functionality isn’t vital.
  • Vessel inventory objects can not be consumed at a Temple to enter yet.
  • Myrmidon Berserk UI widget timer on the client can be incorrect by +/- a few seconds, however should the Berserker Crash will always happen at the 15.35 second mark on the server.
  • Parent stats are not trickling down stat values to children stats if applied to the vessel directly via skill mods. (Parent stats granted via powers, do however work)
  • Blocking and walking backwards with good framerate does not allow the player to move at all. (wierd huh?!)