• We are trying to overload the server tonight and find some of the bigger cracks. Please harvest, craft, engage in combat, and see what happens!


  • Camps of Risen are now appearing in the land. (see if they have necromancy additive loot on them)
  • Zombie Guts as a food ingredient should drop from zombies now. (use survivalist cooking in case you get in a pinch)


  • Can now search for players by user name using lowercase.
  • Character names in all cases should now reflect the Account name.
  • Chat client can leave & join different campaigns.


  • Players should be less likely to get stuck on rocks.
  • Initial data for Grave Digging might be appearing in various places. (None of it works yet!)
  • Inventory tool slot 4 is now a generic slow and can accept both Knives and Grave Shovel Runestones.


  • Fixed a bug where Additives weren’t adding their stats to the crafted item.
  • If a consumable can be slotted in the crafting window when you right-click, it should slot it instead of eating it. (no more eating your apples when you want to use them for ambrosia)
  • Necromancy should have all their recipes implemented.
  • Necromancy additives added to the game.


  • Default item stack size is 1. (no more 0’s!)
  • New inventory item icons.
  • Items in chest should show correct quality color.


  • New icons and colors for Exploration Basics skill tree.
  • Equipped items should properly cause stats linked to that skill to increase or decrease properly.
  • Necromancy skill tree is now active, to unlock Necromancy Basics skill in Crafting Basics skilltree.


  • Players now have relevant stats for necromancy as well as grave digging.
  • Found another layer of bugs related to the optimizations made to proc conditions. (this was breaking most combat powers in spectacular ways)
  • Players can no longer benefit from multiple Campfires stacked ontop of each other. (1 per customer)
  • Knight Pursuit Cooldown set back to 15 secs. (this happens too often, a developer will set a cooldown low for testing purposes and check it in with the cooldown they were using to test)
  • When the player logs out the client should no longer slide on the client.
  • Ranger - Powers should execute properly now. (if they don't please report what weapons were equipped and what tray you were in) (this was for players who couldn't execute ANY power)

User Interface

  • Fixing tiny tooltips on certain hud UI’s, they are now proper scale but can still be offset awkwardly.

Known Issues

  • Icons bigger than 1x1 can only be dragged and tooltipped on the top most 1x1 portion of the icon.
  • Looted items do not auto stack into an existing stack when looting.
  • Crafted items will sometimes fail inventory transfer and never show up when the Take button is pressed. (We are tracking logs to try and figure this one out)
  • Myrmidon Berserk UI widget timer on the client can be incorrect by +/- a few seconds, however should the Berserker Crash will always happen at the 15.35 second mark on the server.
  • Charge powers that are client immediate will travel the full length of their animation regardless of player removing input. (Knight Pursuit)