• Every Archetype now starts with no weapons and has a basic unarmed combat combo set. (We found that players just weren’t making acquiring a weapon a priority because it looked like they had a weapon equipped since the default weapon is built into the model.)
  • Players must have correct weapons equipped to use certain tray powers. Some tray powers may require different items equipped where it make sense. (If the equip requirements are not met, the power is greyed out)
  • Players now sit while waiting for a safe logout. (As long as you are out of combat mode)
  • Physics should no longer send messages to the connection server addressed to players physics doesn't even think are online.
  • Only allowing force exiting combat if you're in the combat state (no need to force exit if you're not in combat)
  • A hand full of physics server optimizations. (they are very confusing to read, but make things waaay better on the server)
  • Tweaked GroundedCheck on server and client with an additional test to handle the special case of narrow ravines.
  • Added a new feature to the character avatar import tool : Automated texture atlasing.
  • Player death should now clear the crafting inventory before creating the corpse.
  • Added some Random chests in the world allow for transfer of items between players. (this should help for now)



  • When removing an object from the world, should remove them from the group.
  • Should no longer be able to send out more group invites than you have available slots in your group.
  • Changes to notify chat server of campaign state changes.



  • More feedback added to reticle so you know what the name of the current harvesting target is, if it is considered a single player or group node, and what level of plentiful harvest you have relative to that node. (still more feedback is coming to make the experience more intuitive)
  • Harvesting hit fx lightened chunks.
  • Survivalist Campfires should no longer provide sta regen to characters actively harvesting.
  • Altered Harvest Animal cooldown to start On Execute so that it's consistent with the other harvesting types.
  • Added new Harvesting stats for Mother Lode nodes of Ore/Stone.
  • Mother Lode nods now can produce 2x the resources of single player nodes.
  • Added new resource types minerals/gems to Mother Lode nodes of Ore/Stone. (Harvesting skill trees now have skills in them “Exceptional Ore/Stone harvesting” to allow these to be harvested, also there is a new testing potion)
  • Beneficial harvest should now function for all harvesting node types and not just ore.



  • Many new crafting icons created.
  • Added failsafe when the output quality can't be determined, the item will be crafted as poor quality.  Added forced output quality option to recipe definition so that it will always make that quality regardless of ingredients used.
  • Fixed buff naming on healing over time potion to Out of Combat Regen Potion.
  • Plank - Using Knotwood now produces a Knotwood plank. (Knotwood planks have no stats, they however meet Plank recipe requirements if you absolutely have to build something with a plank right now.)
  • Potential fix for crafting take bug. (still trying to track this one down)
  • Replacing items in crafting inventory should return the correct item count to your inventory now.
  • Fixed a dupe recipe requirement that was preventing Bluesteel from being craftable. (We no longer only have one look!)
  • Basic Weapons now tuned to 35% of max damage. (advanced go from 35% to 125%)
  • Updated the dual paired weapons to not require factory identical components since factories aren't online yet.
  • Necromancy baseline vessel recipes are coming online, they are in a state of iteration so will not be functional for players yet.
  • Added Alchemy components recipes for use with necromancy. (these should function)



  • Many new inventory icons created.
  • Tooltips - Lore and Descriptions now work properly. (many items now have useful descriptions about what they do now! Enjoy!)
  • Tooltips - Added crafted-by info to tooltips. (so you know who made it!)
  • Tooltips - Added serial number info to tooltips. (So you know why 2 metal bars of the same type won’t stack)
  • Tooltips - Adding base item template info to tooltips. (So someone can’t rename an item and fool you on a trade)
  • Tooltips - Now displays durability value.
  • Tooltips - Different types of items can now have different base field types. (huzzah! Everything no longer has mitigation and stats values)
  • Armor - Removed the -damage bonus stat reduction from advanced armor sets. (it is still on basic armor)
  • Armor - Can now modify the amount of stamina required to perform a Dodge. (Primarily on plate/mail/basic sets)
  • Armor - Can now modify the amount of stamina required to Sprint. (Primarily on plate/mail/basic sets)
  • Item max stack size is now enforced.  (legacy stacked items will still go over cap. Please forum post on which items cap is set too low)
  • Items of same template but different serial numbers will no longer stack.



  • Many new skill icons created.
  • Fix skill trees not showing up in lobby after creating a new character. (it was being rendered behind other UI)
  • Skill trees can now be treated as prerequisites to other skill trees, because of this many trees can no longer be trained in that you might have been able to train in previously.
  • Skill tree prerequisites can be a Percent trained in a previous skill tree OR reaching a specific skill box in a previous tree. (the tooltip should tell you)
  • Crafting Basics Skill Tree tweaked.
  • Mass Production Skill Tree added as a child of Crafting Basics Skill Tree.
  • Functional Leatherworking, Blacksmithing, Woodworking, Runeworking crafting Skill Trees added. (they require specific skill boxes in the crafting basics tree)
  • Fixed an issue where certain armor skills were giving 300% movement speed increases. (decimals are important!)



  • Knight - Block should now mitigate damage properly when hit with Duelist Retaliate, Go for Broke and Vanish, Legionnaire Charge, Drive, and Myrmidon Dodge, Raging Bull.
  • Myrmidon - Net Pull no longer requires the target be rooted with Cast Net.
  • Duelist - Vanish, moved Force Exit Combat and the Tray swap to their own unique game effects to prevent any cases where one or the other apply or don't apply unexpectedly.


Equipment Power Requirements:

  • Champion - Disarming Shout and Ultimate Warrior powers require a Helmet equipped to activate.
  • Champion - Dirty Tricks, Leap, Vicious Stomp powers require a set of Boots equipped to activate.
  • Champion - Spinning Backfist, Throw Hurlbat powers require Gloves equipped to activate.
  • Duelist - Inconceivable and Burrow powers require Gloves equipped to activate.
  • Duelist - Recon power requires a Helmet equipped to activate.
  • Knight - Chain Pull power requires Gloves equipped to activate.
  • Knight -Leap Smash and Pursuit powers require a Shield equipped to activate.
  • Knight - Noble Blood and Oath of Will powers require a Helmet equipped to activate.
  • Legionnaire - Bellow of Triumph power requires a Shield equipped to activate.
  • Legionnaire - Eternal Rage, Battle Cry powers require a Helmet equipped to activate.
  • Myrmidon - Bull Rush, Pulverize and Berserk powers require a Helmet equipped to activate.
  • Myrmidon - Cast Net, Net Pull powers require Gloves equipped to activate.
  • Ranger - Archer's Stake, Explosive Trap (melee/ranged ) require Gloves equipped to activate.
  • Ranger - Forest Step power requires Boots equipped to activate.


Known Issues:

  • Icons bigger than 1x1 can only be dragged and tooltipped on the top most 1x1 portion of the icon.
  • Looted items do not auto stack into an existing stack when looting.
  • Crafted items will sometimes fail inventory transfer and never show up when the Take button is pressed. (We are tracking logs to try and figure this one out)
  • Myrmidon Berserk UI widget timer on the client can be incorrect by +/- a few seconds, however should the Berserker Crash will always happen at the 15.35 second mark on the server.
  • Charge powers that are client immediate will travel the full length of their animation regardless of player removing input. (Knight Pursuit)