• We are in the middle of defaulting every Archtype to start with no weapons and have a basic unarmed combat combo set. Some of the Archetypes are not complete yet!!! (Ranger, Druid, Confessor, Duelist).(We found that players just weren’t making acquiring a weapon a priority because it looked like they had a weapon equipped because of the default weapon built into the model. This meant they were doing considerably less damage than they should have been)
  • Players must have correct weapons equipped to use all tray powers. (Until then the powers tray is greyed out)
  • Respawn will now try to spawn you at the closest graveyard that is at least 200m away to  try to minimize respawn camping.
  • Stats can now persist their values! Most energy pools (i.e. health, hunger, mana, etc.) persist through logout.
  • Changed Day/night cycle time to 3-4 hours.
  • Fixed an issue with stacks sometimes leaving behind 0 count items that were not rendered thus hiding the issue.


  • Chat auto-scroll pauses during drag.
  • Chat can now support input up to 1000 chars.
  • Chat manager changes to fix reconnection issues.
  • Alphabetized the /who command


  • Added a Basic Armor set under Basic Crafting. (Easy to build, Cumbersome, but offers protection)
  • Ingredients that are marked as "don't contribute to quality" should now correctly not contribute to the output item quality.
  • Aborting while crafting should now cause a confirmation pop-up.
  • New descriptions added to many recipes.
  • Removed Engineering, Artistry, Ritual as crafting types.
  • Moved all recipes of those 3 professions to the Crafting Basic profession.
  • Updated crafting recipes to point to correct crafting stations for when they come online.
  • Set all crafting professions statistics to be children statistics of Crafting Basic. This means stats acquired in Crafting Basic will trickle down to other professions at a diminished amount.
  • Updated crafting potions stats to account for new values in crafting basic.
  • Fixed bug with aborting a crafting timer that would prevent future crafting timers from working properly.


  • Basic Crafting has been revamped however the icons have not.


  • Adjusting confessor base attack anims to not bend at the spine as much.  
  • Fixed Z root motion ending of Confessor and Myrmidon dodges.

Known Issues

  • NPC’s can get stuck in trees while loitering.
  • Unarmed has many issues! We have fixes for many of them not in this build!