Welcome to Big World 2.0!
Lots of big changes in this update!

  • You should reset your keyboard bindings! Otherwise new features may not work properly! You can find this in Settings -> Input  -> Keybindings -> Edit -> Press Restore Defaults.
  • All Campaigns have been completed, and all characters, inventories and spirit banks have been wiped.


  • Lobby has been updated to account for Vessel System. Select skills or Login to a specific Campaign.
  • Logging into a Campaign for the first time will place you in Crowform at a Temple.
  • As a Crow proceed to the Temple to enter a Vessel via interacting with an Archetype statue.
  • As an Archetype you can interact with any Archetype Statue to change into a different Archetype vessel.


  • Players now respawn as crows at Temples.(graveyards are now resource spawning areas)
  • Interact with the Hero statue to summon and re enter your current vessel.

Inventory Update

  • The inventory has been largely rewritten and is much more server authoritative. (a variety of new issues can be expected, please try and break it as best as possible)
  • Items without an icon assigned no longer take on the icon of the item that was previously in slot.
  • All portions of an item should work for tooltips and inventory dragging.
  • Accumulate items to occupied target slot with ctrl+rightclick. (basically make two become one without dragging. Also a Spice Girls song)


  • Death as an Archetype will place the player into crowform and place them at a nearby Temple.
  • Crows are tethered to that Temple under they enter a Vessel.


  • Necromancy is fully functional, however fully crafted vessels can not be entered.(we are interested in the stats you can achieve on them as well as if any of the recipes do not work)
  • Tool recipe now accepts both wood and stone unmarked runestones. (Stone has higher durability!)
  • Jewelry Ring recipes are in and functional. (stats have not yet been assigned to the various types of gems)
  • Fixed a bug with crafting where the base template stats could be duplicated.
  • Added a modifier to pre-experimentation stats based on the output item quality. (the better resources used, the better the initial outcome)
  • Stonemasonry can now craft components for jewelcrafting.
  • Experimenting separately on min/max damage has been refined to experimenting on a single damage line.


  • All nodes and tools have been updated to follow rank system for harvesting difficulty.
  • Grave Digging is now fully functional.
  • Added new font for glyphs in plentiful harvest prompt.
  • Tool recipe now accepts both wood and stone unmarked runestones. (Stone has higher durability!)
  • Slag nodes should have their own appearance and loot doobers now.
  • Tool slot 4 now accepts knives and shovels.


  • Harvesting skill tree has been broken into 2 skill trees, Harvesting and Excavation.
  • New skills added to various skill trees may require you to learn new skills placed before them.
  • Going above 5 on plentiful harvest via skills + potions no longer results in zero resources from the node.
  • Added skill for harvesting Cutting Grit from Slag nodes.
  • Skill Tooltips now display current and max stats that skill provides.
  • Tweaked text for many skills to make more sense.


  • If below 70% chicken ticker, the current state of hunger is added to the debuff list.
  • If you go into the famished state any hit on a tree will provide a Bruised apple.
  • Bruised apples stack to 3 and only apply food pool if pool is 25% or lower.


  • Nameplates have been moved from characters to a camera on the player. This may cause some oddities (please report)
  • Flytext animation clips may not work at new location. (we are still updating)


  • Lots of tweaks to the character models to start preparing for customization of heads, hairs, colors. (this may have some side effects)
  • Powers can now require multiple items to work. (Bows + Arrows for example)
  • Legionnaire - Set the length of the rectangle DM of Legionnaire Rear Kick to a non-zero value so the ability actually does stuff when activated.
  • Legionnaire - Corrected Wild Charge tooltip so it doesn't say it hits multiple times.
  • Druid - Increased cooldown of individual Shroud of Darkness procs to six seconds.
  • Myrmidon - Berserk now adds a flat 35% damage bonus rather than scaling infinitely with damage.
  • Knight - Fixed multiple animations issues with the split body animations.
  • Druid - Reduced the Thorns value associated with Bark Skin.
  • Druid - Reduced the amount of Thorns Bonus granted by Druid Bramblecoat.
  • Confessor - Fixed multiple animations issues with the split body animations.


  • Updated unarmed weapon trails for all archetypes.
  • Updated many of the old status buff icons to match the style of the powers icons..
  • Hold Charge bars now have a progress bar built into them.
  • Stats can now be inverted on display tooltips so they are less confusing in some cases.
  • Item Tooltips now display if an item can’t be equipped by that Archetype.
  • Can't Equip label will only show on weapons, armor & ammo.
  • Pool max value stats should now show up in item tool tips.

Known Issues

  • The current crafting tool UI widget isn’t in this build. However since all resource nodes are currently rank 1, the functionality isn’t vital.
  • Character Customize UI is largely nonfunctional, however you should be able to create a new vessel.
  • Vessel inventory objects can not be consumed at a Temple to enter yet.
  • Myrmidon Berserk UI widget timer on the client can be incorrect by +/- a few seconds, however should the Berserker Crash will always happen at the 15.35 second mark on the server.
  • Charge powers that are client immediate will travel the full length of their animation regardless of player removing input. (Knight Pursuit)
  • Characters may stand in place when using a right click Dodge power.