• Big World is here! Gameplay has completely changed! Everything has changed! In fact this is mainly tech testing, don’t get too wound up about balance at this point!
  • The lobby should no longer be unnaturally dark.
  • Chat should now scroll.
  • Chat should no longer repeat multiple lines.
  • Potential fix for the on respawn invulnerability state the character could get in.
  • Increased the number of cells in Big World. (The world is 50% bigger)
  • PoI structures are starting to appear in the map.


  • Gold nodes critical hits now produce gold instead of silver.
  • Hitting a node that is above your runetool level (ie copper runetool on gold) should produce a sound indicating that you are not damaging the node and just eating away runetool durability.
  • Item is about to break and item has broke message toasts should no longer display as string names.
  • More turbulence on tree damage state leaves.
  • Adding little branches to harvesting tree effects.
  • Druid power Nature’s Avatar no longer increases damage vs harvesting nodes.
  • Should no longer be able to clip the stamina reduction timer when harvesting unless you are will for the harvest to take 3x the time.
  • Beneficial Harvest should now function on all node types.


  • Added many more crafting icons.
  • Updated default crafting icon.
  • Druid staff and Confessor book recipes have 1 less crafting stage to be more inline statwise with the other weapon types.
  • Added player % chance of success on the assembly screen.
  • Recipes can now require specific proximity to locations. (such as cooking near a campfire)
  • Added Survivalist campfire recipe. This recipe produces various campfires based on resources used.
  • Added Survivalist cooking recipe. This recipe produces various campfires based on resources used. (use food ingredients from trees)
  • Pine nuts and Wood Grubs are no longer edible straight off the trees.
  • Failure to Combine in Assembly stage should trigger a different UI screen.
  • Assembly minimum failure chance is now per-recipe instead of a global constant. (Generally the more stages required for a recipe the lower the lower the minimum failure rate. Ie weapons are 2% vs metal bars 5%)
  • Adjusted coefficients for all armor and weapon recipes, tuned the scalars for all stats.
  • Tuned stats and coefficients for min/max weapon damage subcomponents.
  • First pass on crafting armor mitigations.
  • Added some explicit controls to crafting timers and claiming the item so that you shouldn't get into a bad state anymore.


  • Pressing T should no longer open crafting and should now ONLY change power trays.
  • Fixed characters sometimes turning invisible. The show/hide should only be applied once per frame instead of possible multiple times.
  • Removed Hunger Dome death pillar.
  • Root motion Bumpers are re-enabled. (Should make it easier to not squirt past an opponent with a root motion attack)
  • Toned down the purple on Druid's damage tray shader. (she was sent to the juicing room)
  • Duelist,Ranger, Druid, Knight eyes should no longer look odd.
  • How jumping mechanically functions has been rewritten, please look for bugs and oddities.


  • Healing Potion is now increases out of combat health regeneration which restores 10,000 health over 60 seconds.
  • Powers can now require a specific weapon to be equipped to use. In our first test case, the Duelist requires a Pistol to use Pistol attacks.
  • Powers should be appropriately greyed out in the powers tray if you lack the required weapon.
  • Duelist no longer starts with a default pistol.
  • Duelist is now an unstoppable murder machine with split body-esque capabilities.
  • Knight restored to split body-esque capabilities.
  • Both Champion Leaps and Myrmidon Dodge require grounded.


  • AI should properly reset home after being drug too far away from home point.  (should) 

Known Issues

  • Character unitframes and nameplates may be missing
  • New character jumping tech is partially implemented, it will feel off.
  • Named tree resources are not in Big World yet (oak, birch, spruce, ash, yew)
  • Some named stone nodes are missing collision and are unharvestable.
  • Muskhogs are not attacking back