• Big World is here for Pre-Alpha 1 backers!
  • Gameplay has completely changed! Everything has changed! In fact this is mainly tech testing, don’t get too wound up about balance at this point! (Out of the hundreds of things we did this summer, I will just highlight a few)
  • Harvesting is in! (Boost your output with crafted potions)
  • Crafting is in! (Press J to open crafting UI)
  • Duelist Archetype is now playable!
  • Stealth is Available on the Duelist.

Big World

  • Parcels are in!
  • Both single player and group ore nodes are available. (It should be pretty obvious which is which)
  • Default weapons damage set to 25% potential.
  • Basic weapons damage set to 50% potential.
  • Advanced weapons are 100% potential. (I think you know what to do)


  • Much optimization of the character models.
  • Upon death your inventory items (not equipped items) are lootable for 20 seconds, anything not looted will be with you upon respawn. (This is temporary until Vessel system is online)


  • Most attacks that would previous hit 3 targets now hit 1 target. (red icon attacks)
  • Damage splitting has been removed from AoE attacks. (orange attacks)
  • Damage pass on all powers and items.


  • Skills are now at the account level.
  • Skills universally require 100 in a skill box to advance to the next skill.
  • Many new UI elements added.

Known Issues

  • Hellcats do not produce Hide in this build, meaning armor is uncraftable.
  • New character jumping tech is partially implemented, it will feel off.
  • Character Root Motion Bumpers are disabled atm, meaning it is easy to squirt past an opponent.
  • Advanced Pistols and Advanced Confessor Books are not implemented yet.