• Looting is now based on cursor hover instead of proximity
  • Myrmidon is now available for even more epic play2crush-ing! (Who's that archetype?!? It's Myrmidon!)"
  • Updated in-client archetype videos
  • Updated skill dashboard UI
  • New harvesting skill tree icons
  • Melee attacks with root motion for Champion, Knight, Legionnaire, Ranger and Myrmidon can now be re-aimed in "mid-flight", so you can skillfully maintain a bead on your target.
  • Fixed some issues with loading default player equipment
  • Cleaned up some character tinting issues
  • Added some new skill icons
  • Fixed some issues with cooldown timers
  • Player corpses can now be looted with a random subset of their equipped items and inventory



  • New Flying Neckbreaker FX
  • New Hateful FX
  • Cleaned up Leap FX
  • Cleaned up Kicksand FX
  • Cleaned up Spinning Backfist FX


  • Added cleanup method for Condemnation FX


  • Updated Knight mace trail FX
  • Oath of Will may now be used while moving
  • Shield Spin 2 cooldown is now at the proper 20 seconds
  • Cleaned up Shield Lunge FX


  • The Myrmidon's right-click basics help him to gain ground on enemies and ends in a massive double axe strike that causes victims to bleed
  • Berserk causes the Myrmidon to instantly heal all damage taken over a 20 second period, but be careful because all that damage will come crashing down after the Berserk effect wears off! Try to avoid the penalty by bleeding your enemies or Raging out just before crash!
  • The Cast Net ability can combo into either a target pull or a charge towards the target. Try to determine the most strategic path for the combo based on your current position and nearby enemies!
  • One last tip: The Myrmidon's Bull Rush differs mechanically from the Knight's Shield Rush in that the Myrmidon grabs hold of any enemies in his path and brings them along for the rest of the ride!
  • Myrmidon equipment is available, though please note that the Scale and Plate sets are currently using the same models while new artwork is being finished


  • Improved some Zombie abilities in preparation for a large update to its AI Brain (coming soon - Stay Tuned!)

Known Issues

  • Characters sometimes stand in a combat pose instead of their death state after being defeated.
  • NPCs are sometimes unable to find targets.
  • Skills cannot currently be selected to start training
  • Some text strings display erroneous data as we prepare for new localization technology.
  • Team colors are not working on equipment.
  • Allied shader is not working when equipment is applied