• Hunger Dome is back!
  • Item and inventory systems have received an overhaul, please report any oddities with incorrect inventories on NPC corpses or chests. (Player corpse inventories are still being worked on, you will not be able to loot other players until this is complete)
  • Sounds are back!
  • Left Click Attack + WASD interactions have been turned off as default. (In future there will be a config to turn them back on)
  • Initial pieces of equipment decay system are coming online, excessive combat may cause equipped gear to destroy itself. (shouldn’t happen in timeframe of HD match, however it might!)
  • Fixed issue where power effect shaders were persistent across game sessions and even in the lobby.


  • While we transition skills from the character level to the account level, starting/stopping skill training won’t work properly. (But you can still read them!) This should be re-enabled soon.
  • Update skill landing screen with archetype icons and polish.
  • New icons have been added to harvesting Skill Trees.


  • Legionnaire Animations have been updated to incorporate more Root Motion.
  • In order to compensate for “what to do with the bottom arm while spooning problem,” the Legionnaire now wears a shield on the left arm. (Will be turned into an equipment slot in the future)

Known Issues

  • Skills can’t be selected to start training currently.
  • Ranger can get stuck in a firing pose when using basic attacks.