• More LoD(Level of Detail) work. We are attacking the framerate issues from many fronts.
  • If framerate drops characters will go low poly until framerate recovers.
  • Added LoD for FX.
  • Fixed issue with shaders applying multiple times.
  • Fixed issue with spawners spawning multiples of everything! (18 Trees of life!)
  • Jumping should be much more useful in getting over things now!


  • While we transition skills from the character level to the account level, starting/stopping skill training won’t work properly. (But you can still read them!) This should be re-enabled soon.
  • Update skill landing screen with archetype icons and polish.
  • More visual updates to Skill Trees, including some new icons.
  • Harvesting Skill Trees now have skills in them! They should be trainable once skills can start/stop again.(have to wait for big world before you can harvest though!)



  • New animation for Oath of Will.
  • Increased based damage on Onslaught combo as anim times increased slightly.
  • Weapon trails are back! (thx myrmidon)
  • FX Polish on all attacks.


  • Added some horizontal force to Hellfire Blast so it looks a little more believable.
  • Chained a stagger into the impulse and added horizontal forces to Confessor Fire Tornadoes so they are 45% more Tornadorific.
  • Hellfire 3a - Prototyping a knockback transitioning into a knockdown so we can see what it looks like and how it plays.


  • Adjusted DM timings and damage for Spinning Backfist, Kick Sand, and Basic Attacks to align with animation speeds.
  • Fx Polish on all attacks.


  • Fixed issue with tray swap on Disengage.


  • Reduced the damage caused by Gaea's Wail and Arcing Lightning.
  • Added a tag to prevent Wicked Winds from multi-hitting. Despite design intentions, there's just too many cases where the pushback may not work and if you're not a blocking Knight, you get one-punched.

Known Issues

  • Skills can’t be selected to start training currently.
  • Ranger can get stuck in a firing pose when using basic attacks.
  • New lighting model is causing some oddities in the Hunger Dome.
  • Looting Corpses can and will very often provide the wrong container contents.