• Siege Perilous is Back!
  • More tweaks to LoD(Level of Detail) tech which should start automatically LoDing characters if your frame rate drops below 30. (This may cause some oddities, bear with us as we iron the issues out, also post screenshots of unusual looking characters or behaviors)
  • Screen should no longer go dark when you drop below 30 FPS.
  • Root Motion player proximity check now excludes friendlies/neutrals and dead players.
  • Removed Action Cam Offset toggle from options screen until we have time to go tweak the camera.

Siege Perilous

  • Catapults and Ballista now spawn via crafting stations located either in their respective area. (costs are set to 0, and build times shorted to account for lack of resources and match times)
  • Ballista Range should be just short of the MK1 Catapults in a straight shot scenario.
  • Fixed some horrible states the character could get into if mounted in a vehicle and the vehicle was destroyed.


  • Skill trees now have an infobox that summarizes total stat values earned in that tree. Values are not filtered by what the Vessel currently has equipped.


  • All melee archetype right click dodges have been normalized to 10m travel distance.
  • Part of the Myrmidon pre work involved normalizing Bleed Damage across the board for 2 flavors, Moderate (stacks to 3) or Severe (stacks to 1, overwrites all Moderates)
  • Added new stat “Bleed Damage Bonus” which can be increased through skill tree skills.
  • Bleeds no longer gain combo bonus damage.
  • Added a new way to show FX in a target/no target state, this might cause some FX to be missing in either scenario until we get the data updated.
  • Jump should enable you to get up stairs properly.
  • Updated DoT formulas to represent 5 seconds of DPS at their core. Adjusted all Bleed and Corruption powers including: Aurora Emitter, Rend, Onslaught, Cross Slash.


  • Zealot Rush - used to go 23m if you let it play all the way out but only 10m if you attacked at the earliest we let you. Adjusted the root motion so you cover 18m and your motion is completed by the time the Blackout timer allows you to use another power.


  • All Root Motions Animations are currently being updated for this character so he is in an in between state at the moment. (We are also using this time to clean out some cruft)
  • Champion Right Click power has been replaced with a 10m dodge that costs stamina.
  • Leap has been moved to tray slot 1, generates rage and can be used 2 times.
  • All other powers have moved down a slot in the power tray.
  • Strength of the Mountain has been removed from the base kit. (will end up as one of the promotion options)
  • Rend can now hit up to three targets like most other melee tray powers.  DoT damage for no longer splits.


  • Aurora Emitter - The DoT damage no longer splits.


  • Slice and Dice - Now a channeled power that can be used on the move.
  • Slice and Dice - Now adds 500 Lifesteal Bonus stat while active.
  • Sustain - Now adds 100 Lifesteal instead of 25.
  • Cross Slash - Can now hit up to three targets like most other melee tray powers. DoTdamage for Cross Slash no longer splits.
  • Left Click attacks can now be Charged while moving. Charging applies a 40% movement snare ontop of the combat movement reduction.