• Updated Harvesting Cobblestone DMG / Hit FX.
  • Named Trees are now in Big World. (oak, birch, spruce, ash, yew)
  • Updated Harvesting Tool Skills in the Harvesting Skill trees to grant Penetration stats. (These amount will be removed from the tools at some point in the future when players can reach these skills)
  • Item fixes for zero count items and unusable slots


  • Removed the option to experiment on each armor's "weak" mitigation.
  • Added a small amount of mitigation to each non-specialized mitigation type for armor layers so final armor products have more aesthetically interesting results.
  • Leather padding should be usable in armor recipes.
  • Updated size of leather padding.
  • Fixed issue with mitigation values on tooltips.
  • Updated Crafting Basics skill tree to point to stats we just built.


  • All Archetypes now use a more split body-esque combat animations where it makes sense. (Many powers such as Charge Ups / Channels require the player to be immobile)   
  • Myrmidon - Fixed an issue where the Myrmidon's raging bull shader was remaining on the avatar if multiple myrmidons did it nearby; related shader issues should now also be fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where changing shields (or any weapon) would cause the shield (or associated slot) to disappear.
  • Knights - No longer have default shields.
  • Knights - All shield specific powers now require an equipped shield to execute.
  • Duelist - Removed Coin Flip UI element. (The in world FX and check engine lights should be enough)
  • Duelist - Fixing the Duelist jump in burrow.
  • Duelist - Jumping while burrowing should no longer T-pose the character.
  • Duelist - Should no longer appear invisible when equipping armor. (Armor appearances aren’t in yet, however the armor still mitigates correctly)
  • Legionnaire - Changing the "Applied Slow" stack to "Applied CC" so Legionnaire Discipling Strike will apply its Daze.
  • Confessor - Basic attacks are now raycasts. (FX may be off until re worked)
  • Added more archetype check conditions to transitions to lessen chances of seeing other archetype Tray Swap FX.


  • Coalesce Nature will now restore Rage for Legionnaire.
  • Druid Dissipate now has a cooldown time to cover the teleport/camera transition.


  • NPC default weapons should now be correctly registering. (Damage can now be mitigated)
  • Muskhogs should now enter combat correctly.
  • Zombies throw Hunger Shards instead of Hurlbats.