• More pieces of character LoDing implemented for (Knight,Confessor, Champion, Druid), please report any oddities with character movement and animations.
  • LoD code now tries to prevent popping when LoD portions awaken.

User Interface

  • Login team selection size should look better with 2 rows of players.


  • Many powers can have their cooldown timers modified via skills and stats.
    • Powers over 10 seconds use a flat reduction value.
    • Powers 10 seconds and under use a percent based value.
  • Sprint can now have its cost and speed modified altered by stats.
  • Dizzy state can now be cleared by entering combat mode.


  • Updated animations on Basic attacks, Meteor Purge, Condemnation, and Combat Idle to feel snappier. (powers that haven’t been updated won’t blend as well with combat idle, more updates to those in future update)
  • Meteor Purge now also applies Black Mantle to targets, which absorbs all healing that target takes up to 5k or the effect wears off after 30 seconds.


  • Temporarily modified chain pull to use pho physics teleport tech that is planned for an unnamed Archetype coming soon. (real physics chain pull will be coming back for Knight as soon as we are happy the new type is functional)
  • Barrier UI Bar should show up every cast of Noble Blood. (curse you divide by zero!)
  • Block can have its cost per tick modified by stats. (haven’t added the stat to anything you can get yet, just thought you would like to know about it!)


  • 3rd Basic Attack now applies Mortal Strike which reduces all incoming heals by 25%.