• If someone removes an inventory item (chest or corpse) while you are dragging it, the icon should clean up so it doesn't remain stuck to your screen.
  • Grouping Commands are now a thing! (commands are disabled in SP or HD but we needed it for other zones)
    • You should notice a special UI widget under the Groupleaders unitframe.
    • All members of the same group should have an additional UI element behind their Nameplate shields. (more prominent in SP)


  • Added Skill Icons to Vessel Skill Tree.


  • Tuning on Jump animations and Lands.


  • Block animation happens as instantly as possible. (we still have work to do on how the stats apply, but that will come later)
  • Block should no longer stop animating in laggy situations.


  • Added a new non combat fidget.


  • Fixed issue where Champion couldn’t move after starting Whirling Pain.


  • Polished multiple FX.
  • Nature's Grace, Natural Bond, Contain Essence and Empower no longer generate essence.
  • Essence Scram now heals group members and yourself while in the healing tray.
  • Healing Rain is now a quick field that delivers its healing over a number of ticks, allowing targets to be partially healed if they enter or leave the field early.
  • Lightning Burst, Lightning Strike and Aurora Emitter are now wide ray casts. (you should be able to aim up or down with them now)(testing to see if we like this)
  • Ironwood Body, Nature’s Avatar Target, Death Tray, and Essence Burn now use shaders to indicate state.
  • Now we have a Death Tray shader, removed the growth state from the Death Tray.
  • Nature's Avatar no longer generates Essence unless you hit a target.
  • Will-o-Wisp sounds should play properly.
  • Nature's Avatar can now chain to 1 additional target if the player is an ArchDruid. (it's pretty cool if you can do this)
  • Reduced the cost and damage output for the following Druid abilities to reflect current (faster) animation timing: Bark Skin, Contain Essence, Empower, Healing Rain, Natural Bond, Nature's Grace, Will O' Wisps, Blight, Shroud of Darkness, Wicked Winds.
  • Increased the cost of Nature's Avatar to reflect current animation timing.
  • Corrected an issue causing Bark Skin, Healing Rain and Will O' Wisps to generate too much Essence.
  • Adjusted the DM timing for Healing Rain, Leaching Seed and Blight, so the Essence generation happens at the same time as the business end of game effects happen.