• Tweaks to network layer to handle messages better.

Siege Perilous

  • Fixed a bug where an out-of-interest player driving a mount would be visible when they come into interest.
  • Mounting should now put you in combat and prevent you from leaving combat until after you've dismounted.

Hunger Dome

  • Corrected some errant team icon links.


  • Characters should no longer spin in place while they are knocked down or stunned.
  • Characters should no longer get stuck in a mode where they are animating too quickly.
  • Projectiles that hug the ground should now work more reliably when casting them off the castle walls. (tornadoes / wicked winds)
  • Tweaks to jumping to make them look better.


  • Chain pull is back to use the wild physics chain pull.


  • Fixed issue with idle and dash (non-combat).


  • SoTM should clear all DoT’s and prevent them while active again.
  • Reduced the duration of the activation window for the Leap to Leap combo to prevent you from trying to activate both abilities at once and losing one of them when you try to do a third and fourth consecutive jump in a row.


  • Essence Scram will no longer be interrupted by initial movement, you won't be charged for the cooldown if interrupted before the first tick applies and it now also pulses a healing effect, albeit a slightly smaller one, if used while in the healing tray.
  • Druid Lightning Burst line now allows turret rotation for better aiming.
  • Blight orbs no longer create an extra orb for each target hit. (this is what was demolishing people)

Known Issues

  • Player can get stuck in an extreme idling animation state.
  • What is in the loot window can be wrong. If you get an error message close the window and reopen.
  • F to interact can get stuck up.