• Patcher now takes your login credentials auths you, and launches game client using a token (so you no longer need to enter username and pword twice)
  • Patcher now shuts down when the game shuts down.
  • Patcher now patches the game before launching it.
  • Patcher now remembers your username.
  • Patcher you only have to retype password and possibly 2FA.


  • Multiple performance updates between server and client.
  • Quaternion slerps instead of euler lerps, FTW.

User Interface

  • New icon style implemented for all Archetypes Powers.
  • Increased size of Power Tray.
  • Initial Pass of Remapping Hotkeys. (f12 for options)
  • Mouse controls can now be inverted. (f12 for options)
  • Tweaks to meters in the Combat HUD.
  • Added functionality for custom icons on each power tray.
  • Tooltips have been added to Combat HUD elements.
  • Teammates unitframe crests are now on the left of the health bar for allies, on the right for enemies.
  • 3rd combo prompts should now reliably show up.

Siege Perilous

  • Option to queue for Siege Perilous removed. (Sorry folks, park's closed. Moose out front shoulda told ya)
  • Siege Perilous will return in a few weeks when Druid shakes out.

Hunger Dome

  • AI have a more improved method of finding targets.
  • Druid equipment is now in the loot tables.


  • Armor Potential line now functions. (they give bonuses for wearing specific types of armor!)


  • Druid is now available for gameplay! (Wild Druid has appeared!)
  • Tray powers now use a client predictive model except for Ranger. (Powers should feel slightly more responsive) (Ranger warmups are in next build)
  • Roots are now available as a Game Effect Type, while rooted you can still perform powers however all "Root motion data" in the power does not play.
  • New event type AboutToDie, certain Archetypes now have Death events they play the frame before dying.
  • New DM type cast immediate on Charged Powers, Archetypes can now do something instantly while charging a power.
  • Fixed issue where Blinks could put the player under the world.
  • Blink power now use a new camera mode which follows the player after the blink.
  • All pool stats should return to default values after death.
  • Power bar should revert to non combat state after death.
  • Default weapon damage values placed back at 70% since ranged equipping bug seems to have been squashed. (Weapons are once again super important!)
  • Procs can now trigger Procs! (to a reasonable limit)


  • Animation updates to Absolution, entire Hellfire combo series, Flames of Truth Combo series, combat idles, sprint , and leave sprint.
  • Fever now has a new animation, this animation will now interrupt if you start moving.
  • All powers now correctly blend to new Confessor idles.
  • Confessor damage tuned down to match new faster animation times.


  • Reworked all Knight Block Game Effect Groups for stacking purposes. (backend cleanup)
  • Block now mitigates against Electric and Earth damage.
  • Shield Slam now grants most of Block (no reflection) while Charging the Shield Slam. (Crusader power testing)
  • Whirling Leap will override any active block effects in case player early outs of Shield Slam.
  • Temporarily modified chain pull to use pho physics teleport tech that is planned for an unnamed Archetype coming soon. (real physics chain pull will be coming back for Knight as soon as we are happy the new type is functional)


  • When a Legionnaire dies he now casts Last Words on group
  • Last Words applies a HoT, AP, CritChance, CritDamage Buff
  • Champion
  • SoTM - Added Cleanse / Immunity to all DoTs Added Earth / Electric Mitigation
  • Leap - Early outs of SoTM via Leap cleanse all SoTM effects


  • Reminder! Left click orb ground reticle can be moved by holding the left button down. Orbs cast when you release the input, not when you press!
  • When a Druid dies she creates a Death Orb on her Corpse. Death Orb Damage scales with amount of Essence Druid has on death.
  • Global cooldown on tray swap is now .75 seconds (displays as 1 due to rounding)
  • Druid Essence is now reduced to 799 when you enter Death tray. (this shuts off Essence Burn)


  • Hotshot correctly points to crit damage GE buff group instead of crit hit GE group.
  • Global cooldown on tray swap is now .75 seconds (displays as 1 due to rounding)
  • Increased distance of Spin Step.