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Shield Fighter [1]

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Strength is not the only deciding factor in the heat of battle. Endurance, stamina, and tenacious spirit are necessary aspects of combat survival, and the addition of a shield can help increase the heartiness of the fighter. Shield Fighters are quick to utilize their armament by blocking blows, richocheting strikes, and the avoidance of massive damage. Fortitude, patience, and a defensive stance are what define a true Shield Fighter.


  • arrowup 6.25 Armor Penetration: Crushing

  • plus Equip: Small Bucklers

  • plus Off-hand Weapon Slot



Brutal Slam

Instant Debuff

Strike with your shield for 113 - 153 + 133% Weapon Damage and lower their Physical Armor by 20.

  • Range: 5
  • targeting: 5 target(s) in a cone

Throw Illusion Shield

Instant Melee Attack

Throw an illusion shield and ricochet off multiple nearby enemies for 85 - 115 + 100% Weapon Damage. THROW ILLUSION SHIELD will ricochet to as many as 2 with damage reduced by 30% each ricochet.

  • Range: 15
  • targeting: 2 target(s) in a cone

Mighty Shield Slam

Charged Debuff

Deliver a shield attack using all your might to consume all Stamina and scale damage with stamina spent. MIGHTY SHIELD SLAM inflicts 32 Damage Bonus per Stamina spent + 97% Crushing Weapon Damage to multiple enemies, pushing them back. While charging the attack you are considered Blocking. The attack is guaranteed to crit when more than 2/3rds charged.

  • Range: 7.5
  • targeting: 3 target(s) in a cone

Molon Labe


Block high damage attacks with reduced cost and a 5% increase in bonus damage for 2 additional seconds.

  • targeting: self

Available Classes

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