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Shield Breaker [1]

major Discipline

A shield is a mighty piece of weaponry and armor that is often difficult to bypass, but a Shield Breaker has the ability to plow through such armament with ease. Breaking barriers and exposing weakness are just a few attributes they are privy to adding another layer of complexity to combat.


  • arrowup 3.75 Slashing Armor Penetration

  • arrowup 3.75 Crushing Armor Penetration

  • arrowup 3.75 Piercing Armor Penetration



Shield Breaker

Instant Debuff

Crush an enemy who is actively using Block or Parry causing a Knockdown and dealing 91 - 123 + 107% Weapon Damage.

  • Range: 15
  • targeting: 5 target(s) in a reticle


Instant Debuff

Strip away an enemy's Barrier inflicting 91 - 123 + 107% Weapon Damage and causing Knockdown if a Barrier is removed.

  • Range: 15
  • targeting: 5 target(s) in a reticle

Reveal Weakness

Instant Buff

Enhance group members and yourself increasing Physical Armor Penetration by 10.

  • Duration: 30
  • targeting: 5 target(s) in a group

Rupture Barrier


Cause an additional 50% Weapon Damage when striking a Barrier and restore your Resource.

  • targeting: self

Available Classes

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