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Runescarred Gladiator [1]

major Discipline

Blood is used in rune making as a magical property of life essence and sacrifice. The ultimate sacrifice for rune crafting is scarring runes into the flesh, which only the most devote are brave enough to do. Exchanging small spaces in the flesh to fill with runes grants them unyielding power and a continued devotion to self-sacrificing for the sake of combat.


  • arrowup 10 Max Rage

  • arrowup 80 Enhanced Catch Your Breath



Runecarve Flesh

Instant Buff

Carve Runes into your flesh absorbing 50% of damage taken for 6 seconds and then exploding to inflict 35% of total damage taken (max 1050) to nearby enemies as Fire damage.

  • Duration: 6
  • targeting: self

Nothing to Lose

Instant Buff

Sacrifice 1,000 Health to increase Critical Hit Chance by 5% and Critical Hit Damage by 50% for 20 seconds.

  • Duration: 20
  • targeting: self

First Wind


After falling below 30% Health you heal rapidly if you avoid damage for 4 seconds until reaching 30% Health.

  • targeting: self

Available Classes

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