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Arcane Archer [1]

major Discipline

The arcane Archer is one of the most deadly of mystical manipulators. Harnessing the power of the elements allows the archer to root their enemies while also creating protective barriers and enhancing their quickness with an unrivaled adroitness.


  • arrowup 3 Elemental Mitigations

  • arrowup 5 Ranged Distance Bonus

  • arrowup 5 Far Sight

  • plus Equip: Basic Bows

  • plus Equip: Arcane Bows

  • plus Equip: Arrows

  • plus Equip: Elemental Arrows

  • plus Ranged

  • plus Ammo

  • plus Tray: Ranged



Arcane Barrier

Instant Buff

Protect yourself with a Barrier preventing up to 2500 Elemental Damage or 500 damage of other types.

  • targeting: self

Binding Arrows

Ground Aimed Ranged Attack

Pin down multiple enemies in an area Rooting them in place and causing 45-60 + 53% Weapon Damage. This Power's Maximum Range cannot be modified.

  • Range: 35
  • Duration: 5
  • targeting: 5 target(s) in a area

Way of the Trails


Grants Trailblazer passive, which increases Out of Combat Movement Speed by 15%. If you already have the Trailblazer passive, this upgrades to Trailmaster, which increases Out of Combat Movement Speed by 25%.

  • targeting: self

Available Classes

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