Resources can be harvested from the environment and sometimes found on certain monsters.   These can be found in both Eternal Kingdoms and in Campaign Worlds.

Materials can only be found at particular points of interest (POIs) known as ‘resource factories’.  These locations (such as quarries, lumber mills and mines) are found in the Campaign Worlds and, due to their intrinsic value, we expect them to be highly contested by player factions. 

As a general design philosophy, higher risk Campaign Worlds will offer better quality (and more) materials and resources than lower-risk worlds.

  • In order to harvest, you will need to activate the Survival tray, which is separate from the Melee and Ranged trays.
  • Harvesting is mapped to the left mouse button, allowing you to “attack” the resources to harvest them.
  • Your harvesting tools (axe, hammer, pick, knife and shovel) will be mapped to your Survival tray in the same way your skills are mapped to your Melee tray.
  • You can equip consumable items like potions and food to the Survival tray to allow for easy access.
  • You can move around the node while you harvest it.
  • There will be a set of Harvesting-specific powers that can be loaded out only into the Survival tray.
  • Harvesting tools will soon be important to attack the walls of forts and keeps
  • Walls are week to hammers
  • Tree of life will be weak to chopping